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impromptu dev diary


Only 2 days later 😉 too bad its mostly monotonous config stuff il be working on soon before i can push this to stable.




Operation Xiphos will be recieving a civilian disguised varient of the L-410T STOL plane for sneaky beaky insertions either into the country or across country. With the added benefit of its really short take off and landing distance. They wont be getting the nice civilian cruise version however because theres simply no reason for them to have it lmao.







The AAF will naturally be recieving the normal and medevac versions of the Do 28 D-2 (Also an STOL plane). I havent quite finalized my plans for paratroopers atm but that will come after the update at some point (dont expect anything big regarding that)




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Altis 90's update



MI-2 + Varients added
Xiphos L-410T STOL added
AAF Do 28 D-2 STOL added

APLIF Special Forces added
APLIF Infantry given aesthetic overhaul
APLIF Anti-Air Unit added
AAF Anti-Air Unit added
AAF Paratrooper Unit added
APLIF Pilot added


1 uniform + varient in a lizard camo pattern for APLIF added
TTSKO, VSR, and MLMK uniforms added 
New AAF Helicopter Pilot uniform added


  • -Some APLIF vehicles automatically fly a red flag
  • -APLIF Spec Ops groups added
  • -I think i added anti-air groups but dont quote me on this
  • -Ammo/Supply crates for all factions overhauled
  • -APD given supply crates
  • -Ground holders for some helmets and vests added 





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Legendary bloke called Po made another trailer for Altis 90's to showcase the new content. 



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