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Publishing Singleplayer Mission to Steam Arma 3 Workshop a bit Broken?

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I am a noob at publishing Arma 3 missions, so it is possible that there is something that I am unaware of that someone can correct me on?

The issue I am having is that I have just uploaded my new singleplayer mission from the Eden Editor in Arma 3 using the 'Upload to Steam Workshop' option and found a number of issues, some of which I have resolved, others which I have not.  Here is a list of some my issues, which I would be grateful for some feedback on (especially by someone from BIS):


1)  There does not appear to be any clear published information about exactly how to configure an Arma 3 mission properly to publish it on Steam Workshop.  The only thing that I found was this page: Arma 3 Workshop 101 which is only an overview, with no detail on formatting, etc.

2)  I thought that I had done the right stuff in my mission's description.ext for the picture and description to automatically appear when a mission pbo was created in the process.  I assumed that the Steam Workshop description was only used for the Workshop itself and that when someone downloads the mission, it would use the description from description.ext in Arma 3.  That seems to be not the case, which left me with a choice between two evils for a proper description:

a)  Do a decent description in Steam Workshop using Steam formatting tags Steam Formatting which then is a complete mess when viewing the mission in Arma 3.

b)  Do a description that works in Arma 3, but has all the <br/>, etc. formatting appearing under the Steam Workshop listing.  I have currently chosen the later method, but it looks crap in the workshop.

3)  The mission listing graphic?  I have a 1024 x 512 px graphic for the mission, in both jpg and paa format.  When posting to the Steam Workshop, the Workshop image frame is square, so unlike a lot of others that I saw published my listing had wide black bands at the top and bottom of the image  I tried doing an update to a revised image that was 1024 x 1024 px, which again looked fine in the Workshop, but bad in Arma 3, so switch back to my original.  Should not the Steam Workshop either use the same aspect ratio as Arma 3, or should the workshop image be completely separate from the actual image used in the mission?

4)  Why is it that if you use Export -> Export to Singleplayer in the Eden editor that the PBO created in the Mission folder does not show either the image and description defined in the mission's description.ext and is listed as missionname.island 'by Unknown Community Author' which must be broken, surely!

5)  Regardless of all of that, I would have liked to be able to add a mission so that instead of it just being listed under 'SINGLEPLAYER -> SCENARIOS' under Arma 3, it would actually list under 'SINGLEPLAYER -> CHALLENGES -> Firing Drills' if that were possible?  I have the impression that there may be a techie way to do that from the Arma 3 Mission Overview page 'Sample overviewScript.sqf' file, but I have no idea how to set up that file to produce the custom description which 'Is displayed only when overviewScript parameter is defined in mission's class in CfgMissions' as described on that page.  The information is as clear as mud to me, but maybe perfectly understandable to an Arma developer?

I found a bug report relating to some of this:


All feedback welcome...

[Edit]  I meant to give a link to my mission, so you can see what I am refering to, so here it is:


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KK has been working on this recently. Please retest on the 1.98 RC or when 1.98 is released

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