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Aiming has gotten bad almost unplayable

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As mentioned in other threads the aiming in 3rd person over the left shoulder while crouched is unplayable in this current version, also very important to have in my case.


Also in general it is a small nightmare getting aim controls tuned just right. Very cumbersome.


Also when was this 'aim assist' added? 

Where is the difficulty of this game going?


The only way I die is by people running up and full auto spray (who cares mentality) when this game used to be skill based in single fire, with proper stand off's.


Keep up the good work, and please fix a few things that don't make it easier for the players who don't care.



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Hello, we're aware of the issue with left shoulder shooting, and are currently working on tweaking and improving it. The game has had aim assist for quite a while now, though it's not necessary for you to play with it - you can definitely opt to play without aim assist.


Rest assured, we're working on the problems that the community has brought up, and you can expect a fix for it soon.

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