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College Report - B.I Questionnaire

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Hello everyone,


I'm writing a report for college on Bohemia Interactive and its hardware / software systems.

As part of the information gathering process I've created a questionnaire with 3 questions about the


    Anybody who has understanding of these systems is welcome to respond to some or all of the questions,

or to make any comment they like. The author takes no responsibility for non public domain information.

Arma games are fairly unique for their depth and realism. The VBS line is even more unique. Challenges facing

B.I are therefore unique in the gaming industry. With that in mind, here are 3 questions to consider:



If any, what infrastructure or architecture changes might you make with Bohemia Interactives hardware / software systems?




What changes might occur to technology generally in the future that would substantially impact Bohemia interactive?




If Bohemia Interactive was a new start-up studio today, what alternative technology or strategies might the studio use to be successful?



Thank you for your consideration everyone. 

~ Armstrong

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