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Combat Magnum Weapon Skins.

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Hey there, Devs and fellow Outlanders.


Decided to post a lil something that's been bothering me since a few updates ago.

Where are the Combat Magnum weapon skins? In both my current list of blue and purple crate rewards, I have 2 brand new skins for the New crossbow that came out this battle pass.

Yet I've never seen a Combat Magnum skin....Ever, pretty sure that's because they don't exist yet.


Now don't get me wrong, I know the devs are busy (updates, patches, bugs, Etc.). However, the fact that they made EXTRA brand new skins for the crossbow that aren't on the battle pass means that they have people working on weapon skins. All I'm saying is that the Combat Magnum could use a little painted love like the rest of the guns in our arsenal. Please?


Well, those are my thoughts on the matter, feel free to comment your own opinions on the subject, I'd love to hear some other Outlanders feedback on the matter.


Thanks guys, SKULLZ

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