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animationphase on dedi

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Hey there, begginer editor here. I have a doubt regarding animationphase. I'm trying to adapt a script i saw on DayZmedic YT channel for dedicated enviroment. It's the one that allows you to tow a D-30 big gun from RHS. 

The gun is foldable, and at some point the scripts runs a check for the animation phase of the gun. (== 0 when deployed, == 2.3 when folded). This will work in SP, however in dedicated the values are 0 when deployed, and 2.29921 when undeployed. (This, apart from the scripts, it brokes the fold functionality of the asset itself, because it does the same check). 


This is something usual in dedicated enviroments? It's just the model i'm using?


I guess i could modify the check to be something like:



if (_this animationPhase 'leftT' > 2.2) then {


Instead of the original one:



if (_this animationPhase 'leftT' == 2.3) then {


What i'm using to check the animationphase (via function on init.sqf):



animcheck = {

_check = arti1 animationPhase "leftT";
hint format ["Anim phase is %1", _check];



Any suggestions? Known errors? Ideas?



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