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 Hello everyone


To begin, I want to apologize in advance for my English, I am French with a small level of vocabulary, helped by Google Translate.


I request your help for the French server that I am finalizing.


I got the Invade & Annex mission from Ahoy World and I am facing a small texture problem.


Indeed, I created my own textures in a mod but as the server will be public and therefore accessible without mod I apply the standard textures of the game and the rgb colors.


So I entered the textures to apply with and without mods in the Functions \ Vehicle \ fn_vsetup02.sqf file and when I connect with the mods, the standard textures are applied.


When I launch the server side mod, the moded texture appears as it should but when I reconnect without the mod, the standard textures are not loaded and therefore the vehicles no longer have bodywork.


Extract of the code:


private _vehicle = _this select 0;
if (!alive _vehicle) exitWith {};
private _vehicleType = typeOf _vehicle;

[_vehicle] spawn AW_fnc_vehicleInventory;
_vehicle lock 0;

//=============vehicle specific
FBCTexture = isClass (configFile >> "CfgPatches" >> "RETEXTURE_CE");

if (FBCTexture) then {
	switch (_vehicleType) do {

		case "B_Truck_01_flatbed_F": { //HMTT Plateau
			_vehicle setObjectTextureGlobal [0, "\RETEXTURE_CE\Data\HEMTT\truck_01_ext_01_co.paa"]; 
			_vehicle setObjectTextureGlobal [1, "\RETEXTURE_CE\Data\HEMTT\truck_01_ext_02_co.paa"];
} else {
	switch (_vehicleType) do {

		case "I_APC_Wheeled_03_cannon_F": { //Gorgon
			_vehicle setObjectTextureGlobal [0, "A3\Armor_F_Gamma\APC_Wheeled_03\Data\apc_wheeled_03_ext_co.paa"];
			_vehicle setObjectTextureGlobal [1, "A3\Armor_F_Gamma\APC_Wheeled_03\Data\apc_wheeled_03_ext2_co.paa"];
			_vehicle setObjectTextureGlobal [2, "A3\Armor_F_Gamma\APC_Wheeled_03\Data\rcws30_co.paa"];
			_vehicle setObjectTextureGlobal [3, "A3\Armor_F_Gamma\APC_Wheeled_03\Data\apc_wheeled_03_ext_alpha_co.paa"];


What I would therefore like is that when I connect with my mod, the moded textures appear but when someone connects without the mods, it is the standard textures that apply. In addition, when the vehicle is destroyed and must reappear, the texture must be correctly reapplied to the vehicle depending on whether the player has the mods or not.


I know it works locally but I can't seem to find the solution.


I have attached the  Invade & Annex file to you as an attachment


Thank you in advance for your help !

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_vehicle setObjectTextureGlobal [0, "\RETEXTURE_CE\Data\HEMTT\truck_01_ext_01_co.paa"]; <-- No bueno X

_vehicle setObjectTextureGlobal [0, "RETEXTURE_CE\Data\HEMTT\truck_01_ext_01_co.paa"]; <-- Muy bueno 

To my knowledge, a client cannot pull mod data if the client doesn't have the corresponding mod enabled, even if it's on the server. You can extract the textures from the mod PBO and add them to your mission, then pull them from the mission path, which will be visible to everyone with/without the mod.

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