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[MP][Co-op][PvPvE] UnfinishedBusiness: Pulau

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UnfinishedBusiness is a dynamic and random survival multiplayer mission with PvP elements for 1-20 players.

Well, wat?

Let me explain 🙂

You are starting as one coop group and will try to accomplish the mission. This group will be the main story line for the entire mission. If the group will be eliminated, the mission will end immediately.

Players who will end up being killed however are not just supposed to watch and wait. They will be assigned to a different fractions and will be helping or resisting the main group.

The more players are involved in the mission -- the more fun you will get.








Steam workshop: BREZBLOCK: UnfinishedBusiness Pulau 20 CooP



Following the death of the former dictator, the Pulau National Guard (PNG) has broken up into several gangs, which are conducting situational battles over the cities and villages. Under the guise of a "peacekeeping operation", the Army of Sahri (AOC), led by General Puhlo Pu, started an military invasion. A ceasefire decision is currently in effect. West Special Task Force should ensure the security of civilians and to facilitate a peaceful resolution of the conflict.

Getting started

Following MODs are required:

* Pulau

Following Game play MODs are optional:

* CBA_A3

Following Fractions MODs are optional:

* CUP Units
* CUP Vehicles
* CUP Weapons
* CUP ACE3 Compatibility Addon - Weapons
* CUP ACE3 Compatibility Addon - Vehicles

Following Radio MODs are optional: (choose only one)

* task_force_radio

Steam Collection (full pack): BrezBlock: UnfinishedBusiness (full pack)


You can help out with the ongoing development by looking for potential bugs in our code base, or by contributing new features. We are always welcoming new pull requests containing bug fixes, refactors and new features. We have a list of tasks and bugs on our issue tracker on Github. Please comment on issues if you want to contribute with, to avoid duplicating effort.

Source code location: https://github.com/brezerk/a3_missions/tree/master/mpmissions/UnfinishedBusiness.pulau

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