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Can I link an object from "class CfgGlasses" with a face from "class CfgFaces"??

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I have created a new model with Blender and I have been able to successfully convert it into an Arma3 object that can be selected from the virtual arsenal without any problem in the "Facewear" section (a cosplay accessory). I also made a new face skin that can be selected from the full arsenal in the "Face" section. The two objects are configured correctly one in the "class CfgGlasses" section and the other in the "class CfgFaces" section. All of that works fine.

But what I need is that when I select in the "Virtual Arsenal" the object I made in the "Facewear" section, the character's face automatically changes and the skin I made becomes active.

Can someone think of how to do this, without creating a new head on Blender from scratch?

Perhaps some script that when registering that _player is wearing class "my_facewear" activates the class "my_face" with the skin I made on the face. I think it's probably something obvious what I say. But I don't have any clue as to where to start with this.

Please, I need someone to help me with this idea. Thank you.

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