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BigShot's DUWS Modified Re-releasing soon!

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Been working on my original Duws Modified mission (from 2013,2014) for awhile now. I have been considering re-releasing it on a semi-private basis for those who remember playing it and would like to see how it's evolved in recent times and be able to play it once again!

There have been quite a few changes/added features since most of you played it back in 2014 and I hope to release it again soon, in the springtime.


I've decided that, initially at least, for testing purposes it would be best to release it privately, through a small Steam group I've created here:




Log into your Steam account and join the group, then send me a friend request over there so you will be included on my list of those who want to receive it when it's ready.

All group members on my list will receive the mission files, directly (this not a workshop subscription release) when it's ready.

If all goes well with it perhaps I might consider a larger more public type release later on, but right now I am hesitant as my support time is greatly limited due to work and health issues so a smaller release such as this will be easier for me, currently.


You can also find me at this Discord Server:




There has been ALOT of changes since my old 2014 version...here's the text of changes:


what modifications I've done to date since 2014:

- added Armory to FOB's
- added Rest/save to HQ
- added HALO to HQ & FOB's (action menu)
- added Request Units dialogue to FOB's (limited units available only)
- added HEAL to HQ & FOB's (action menu)
- added Repair/Re-arm Vehicles to FOB's (action menu)
- added Teleport/Fast Travel now works with group
- added more options for higher CP mission start (100,200,300,400,600 added)
- added Disable Fatigue option in Parameters screen in mission lobby
- added Time of Day start option in Parameters screen in mission lobby
- added some nite lighting to HQ & FOB's (applied when fortifying)
- added vehicle refitting at FOB's
- added captuarable enemy Camps to be used to rearming/respawning
- added DLC vehicles
- added AI revive
- added group halo & fast travel
- added new & interesting side missions
- added new defensive game mode
- added new mission ending options
- added added roadside IED's
- added more enemy

*Added dozens of other new features over the years as my "Modified" version of Duws has always been a WIP since 2013!

New As of version 1.95 (tested in Arma3 v2.00)

- Added New Game Mode: CTI Mode (read about it in the "CTI Mode" document, included in the Duws mission zip archive)


New As of version 1.93

- Changed: convert army power into spendable cash; reversed the function of the "Convert CP to AP" button in the HQ Requests Menu (with each click it will now convert 10AP (army power) into 20CP (money). Useful if you run out of of funds but are doing well enough to convert points into cash.

- Added: new parameter available in the mission parameters menu before mission start - "Amount of enemy forces". choices are normal(recommended for solo play) and high; controls the amount and how often enemy patrols, assault groups, reinforcements and armored vehicles will spawn over time during the mission. High is recommended only for multiple players OR using the Rhino vehicle with a lasing drone which can hit moving targets up to 8km in distance.

- Added: new support unlock in the HQ Requests menu: JTAC Support abilities (cruise missiles, bombs, clusters and more!) - if unlocked will show up in Action Menu, requires lasing via Designator w/battery or drone to work. Requires funds to unlock the ability plus additional funds each time you use/call it.

- Added: the new 'dynamic loadout' version of the Blackfoot attack helicopter so now it is armed with both ATG AND DAGR rockets (to lock & fire ATG's in this AH-99 you CANNOT be in manual fire mode... this is a hardcoded Arma config issue that can't be changed by mission makers).

- Added: new tanks/armored vehicles for purchase in the Requests menu at HQ (from the optional Tanks DLC). The Rhino MGS, AWC Nyx & Prowler AT are available now as an optional unlock within DUWS if you own the Tanks DLC. The MGS Rhino coupled with a Darter UAV allows the player to lase and hit moving targets anywhere on the map. It is one of the most versatile and powerful armored vehicles in the mission.

- Added: support for use of a new addon @DUWS (DAAPS - Duws Active Armor Protection System, by Author: Drongo). A special Duws configured version of this addon is now included in the DUWS zip archive and can optionally be installed and enabled just like any other @addon mod. If you have this mod enabled when playing Duws then most of the west team light, medium and heavy armored vehicles will have an auto protection system enabled that will temporarily help to protect them from various types of rocket fire such as from AT foot soldiers via an automatically deployed defensive projectiles simulation, which is based upon actual tank technology available in today's real world military. Only the tank fighting vehicles in Duws offer protection from enemy MBT ROUNDS, however, such as the M1A1, M2A4, Rhino & AWC Nyx. Other armored vehicles purchased will only offer protection against rockets. If this addon is enabled when playing Duws then you will be charged an extra 35% sales tax on armored vehicle purchases from the Requests Menu.

- Added: respawn menu now (optionally) allows you to choose any of your Virtual Arsenal loadouts( from the "VA" armory)... as long as you didn't use the "load on respawn" button in the "VAS" armory first. This works great for 3rd party addon weapons & scopes loadouts which require using the "VA" armory with the Joint Rails feature in the CBA addon. If you don't use Joint Rails with addon weapons you can still keep using the "VAS" armory's "load on respawn" feature.

- Quality of Life: Vehicle "flip" now added to action menu for player purchased/unlocked vehicles - will upright your vehicle incase it flips over.

- Quality of Life: Action menu item 'Delete this vehicle' (and other action items) no longer get in the way by always displaying in players onscreen view.

- Quality of Life: the Armory unlock has been moved to the top of the list in the Requests Menu for convenience.
- Quality of Life: The ATV vehicle unlock is now moved to top of vehicle request menu for easier access;

- Changed: pricing adjustments for various unlocks. Also various adjustments made regarding side-mission award amounts for CP amd AP. Enemy forces lose AP in exact relation to how much you gain for completing side missions.

- Changed: slight re-balancing of awarded and penalty AP scoring.

- New: DUWS Xmas Holiday version available - for use with the new 'Winter2035' snowy texture mod for the default Arma3 terrains (see requirements listed below). As of this writing the mod gives snow to both Altis & Stratis.

- DUWS Tanoa & DUWS Chernarus & Winter Chernarus versions & old xmas version are all discontinued and no longer supported (therefore Cup terrains is no longer a requirement for future versions). From now on there will only be 2 official versions of my 'Duws Modified' (vanilla & xmas holiday), although as per usual you can still rename the file to play on other maps.

Mod Requirements for Xmas Holiday version:
1 - '@Winter 2035' texture pack to be installed and activated as a mod. Can be downloaded from here: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=33484
2 - "@Santa Sleigh" addon (included in the DUWS v1.93 zip archive; just install and activate as a mod).
3 - "@Santa Claus" addon (included in the DUWS v1.93 zip archive; just install and activate as a mod).

Mod Optionally Recomended for access to the new Duws Active Armor Protection Simulation:
1 - "@DUWS" addon (included in the DUWS zip archive beginning with v1.93; just install and activate as a mod). *Warning* - use ONLY the version that comes included within the Duws Modified zip archive, do NOT use any other version found elsewhere on the internet!


New As of version 1.92

Fixed bugs/script error introduced by newest offical BIS game patch:
- fixed script error being thrown during mission start (was related to the High Command initialization).
- fixed the sinking supply drop crates (they now detach from parachute when close to ground and will no longer sink below ground).
- new pbo for Malden Island (no adjustments made, its just the renamed altis version so it loads on the Malden map)


New As of version 1.91

- fixed BIS_fnc_spawngroup error being thrown when using an empty string as a temp way of defining a cfgGroup (introduced by new official game patch)
- changed default amount of enemy zones created at mission start to 4 (instead of 5). Can still be changed in menu as always.


New As of version 1.90

- Added New Gameplay Feature: Capturable Camps inside red zones can be captured and then used as new respawn points and armories (ala the old Warfare/CTI style missions). They appear on your map screen as dots inside the zones. To capture one you must be the dominating force nearby and stand close to it (or inside) the camp for approx. 30-90 seconds until you receive notice that it's been captured (also, map marker turns green). The enemy can capture them back so watch out, and for game balance they can NOT be used for Fast Travel (which requires an FOB or MTV via certain side-missions).

- Added New Gamplay Feature: FOB buildings are now lost (removed) if you allow the enemy to re-capture a green zone and turn it back to red. You will then need to re-capture the zone and rebuild/request an FOB again. So, no more Fast Traveling back to FOB's in red zones!

- New Mission Mechanics: FOB's you build can be used for Fast Travel/Teleporting, while captured CAMPS can be used as Respawn points if you should get killed. You cannnot respawn at fobs and you cannot teleport to camps.

- New Mission Mechanics: Only 1 FOB is allowed to exist in a zone. If it gets removed because opfor recaptures your zone then you are allowed to build a new fob...but you cannot have 2 fob's in the same zone at the same time.

- New Mission Mechanics: Armory is now a Global Team Unlock - this means that only 1 player has to unlock the armory now, and it will unlock for everyone on the server and all JIP's. Due to it now unlocking for the entire team at once, the price for unlocking it has increased to 25CP, and it's per use price is still free.

- Army Power (AP) now increases/decreases appropriately and has more effect on which sort of patrol and attack waves are used by the AI. Kills/deaths/zone capping/zone loss now account for AP gains & losses on both sides.

- New Gameplay Mode available as a toggle option in Lobby Parameters Menu: 'Duws Defensive Mode'(disabled by default) - enemy attack waves targeting the HQ will build in intensity over time. At least 1 or 2 players should stay and defend the HQ and your officer at all costs. The attack waves will begin to subside and eventually end after the enemy's AP (Army Power) falls below 125AP. You earn AP by obtaining kills and capping enemy zones. As you gain AP the enemy loses AP and vise-versa. You lose AP by any Blufor units getting killed and by losing capped zones. By playing this new Defensive Mode you are able to gain extra AP, and as you gain this AP you are also causing the enemy to LOSE their AP and thereby weakening their offensive ability over time and making it a little easier to cap the zones later on and win.

- As part of the new Defensive Game Mode, whenever you play with it enabled players will be allowed to place explosives around the HQ to aid in your defense. In other words, the normal HQ safety feature which stops players from planting explosives within 50m of HQ will be disabled during this new game mode only.

- Decreased cost for unlocking HALO (now 10cp,was 15), but increased the cost for using it per request (alone is 20cp per request,was 5 // group is 35cp per request,was 10).

- Increased cost for using Fast Travel/Teleporter (15cp alone/25cp group; was 2cp/5cp respectively).

- Added New 1km range markings for Halo'ing on map screen into enemy zones. The range rings only appear over red zones and only during Halo's.

- Added New Enemy Zone Spacing Options in the lobby parameters menu. Tighter groupings or groupings more spread out/relaxed can dictate the pace of the action on the battlefield.

- Added another new item to Lobby Parameters menu; Skill Level for Enemy Vehicles (this is a separate adjustment that sets the skill for some of the random enemy vehicles you will encounter including armor, air, and others). You may have noticed over the years that DUWS enemy vehicles were always much stronger than the enemy foot patrols (which you adjust after mission starts) and this is why...the enemy vehicle skills were not being set correctly until now. You can still set the soldier unit skill levels after the mission starts as always.

- New Tanoa Island Exclusive Version (WIP experimental): "Duws Jungle" version discontinued and replaced with a new version for Tanoa Island instead. Apex content used where appropriate; certain mission features/unlocks and patrol vehicles have been changed or even removed in some cases to reflect better gameplay for the new water environment. Affects Tanoa version only.

- Apex DLC Support: Integrated some of the new weapons, vehicles & enemy factions from Apex DLC into Duws.

- Fixed: enemy attack vehicles always charging too close/alongside the HQ causing you to kill your CO if you blew up the enemy vehicle when too close to HQ. Now enemy attack vehicles should be using a random waypoint within 75m surrounding the HQ.
- Added MTV-1 & MTV-2 (awarded side mission vehicles) to the new respawn menu options.

- Fixed the reduced weapon sway not properly initializing after a "save/resume". You no longer have to respawn after a resume for it to work.

- Fixed: no more duplicate action menu items for the Armory & Halo when resuming a saved game. Fixed for both host & clients.

- Changed WarCom script timings & zone spawn distances (enemy traffic was getting a tad overwhelming).

- Various minor fixes/tweaks for things to work better with the 1.62 patch from BIS (what else is new <smirk>?).

- Updated "Xmas Santa" edition with all of the new features above and 1.62 fixes/tweaks.

- Newly revised briefing pics for all versions.


New As of version 1.85

- NEW RESPAWN AREAS! added ability to choose any FOB you've built as a respawn point (in addition to Main base).

- CHANGED how the Boat Taxi works...it's no longer a taxi that comes to pick you up. it is now just a boat that will spawn within 5 meters of wherever you call it from. You should be near to the water before calling to spawn it. If it doesn't spawn in the water you can use the "push" action found in your action menu.

- Automatic Tree Flattening - within 70m of HQ and enemy zones; helps prevent vehicles flipping or getting stuck on trees after spawning in.

- Found an issue with the AI revive feature after resuming a saved session: posted simnple work-around, see the "AI revive feature" listed in "Known Issues" section below.

- CREATED 2 NEW VERSIONS: "Duws Jungle" w/DAC3.1 random vietnamese foot patrols (runs on Unsung's Vietnam terrain mod, required) and a new "Xmas Santa" edition (santa mod required & included in zip), all 3 version of Duws are now based upon v1.85




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Id like to take a look at you updated mission files. That link just tells me to contact you for a copy. 

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Added a new CTI-like mode:

Duws CTI Mode (uses an enemy HQ, enemy supply trucks, and of course capturable enemy camps!)


...and a very new Discord chat server if any of you would like to find me and play the mission:



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Hey bigshot, thanks for this.  Is there a non-steam download at present (googledrive, onedrive etc) ?


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Will be playing some DUWS this holiday weekend!

If anyone out here remembers this mission and would like to join me to play it together, give me a shout over on Steam voice & my Discord channel.



DISCORD CHANNEL: https://discord.gg/yp7yJuu9T6


Casual gameplay is perfect, no serious mil-sim stuff here. See you!



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