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ARMA III crashes PC every roughly 30 minutes.

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hello forum, I have been having such a hard time playing ARMA since i have installed it on my newly built computer.

Only problem is that while playing ARMA III if I move my map too fast, or something big happens in game, OR around the 30 minute run time mark my game will- stop working, my monitor will lose signal and I will need to manually reset the PC.

this issue happens both with and without mods. I have tried adjusting my video settings back but that did nothing, this crashing recently happened while I was playing RDR2 also.


Ryzen 5 3600x

Radeon RX5700 XT

G.SKILL ripjawsV D4 3600 2x8GB

asus TUF gaming x570

recently I deleted and re installed the game and my mods and it ran flawlessly until the next day the same crashing issue came back.

when i view the game in my task manager it uses maximum 59% of the memory.

any help or guidance would be so much appreciated. thank you for your time.





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