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Regarding Contact Campaign assets is it legal to use. See below for more detail.

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Long story short... and please only comment if you have experience in this OR work for BI.


Scope:  Contact Campaign Ep1, 2 there is a sinkhole crater created where the alien root network breaks thru and a bobcat crashes into it, then in Ep2 you go do some recon on the same factory area.


Question:   Is recreating these scene(s) in any way shape or form legal to do so?  The objects in question can not be found in the Eden editor BUT they can be called from a script and placed out.  So before I share this info with the world I would like to get a legal stance yes/no if its okay to do so.  Its not doing anything special just spawning a simple object by model name (which after tons and tons of digging figured out on my own and with some help of others) changes placement etc and makes the sinkhole scene again that mission creators can then employ in both SP and MP missions.


I know it might seem kinda anal to be asking this but honestly Im not in the mood to get in a legal fight or banned for sharing this info to the public with everyone, so for now only I know how to do it but something this big for anyone who is working with Livonia  and want to preserve what happened in Contact, this is a big thing...


More then likely at least in my honest opinion it would be.  This script does not work unless you own contact AND have the DLC loaded (with or without mods) and the mission file wont load otherwise either so its not one of the global assets either.  But to cover my arse,  I had to post and ask this.


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didnt mean not BI, meant OR... sorry

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nevermind, apparently what I was playing with was infact in the A3 public folder and not directly in contact only. so script dropped...  enjoy mission makers re-creating exactly the alien root scene @ the factory.

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Yes, there is no problem with recreating the sinkhole scene.


There's no need create the sinkhole as a simple object, and fool around with trying to find the right placement. The sinkhole has a classname, so just use "create3DENEntity" to place the sinkhole in the editor, and then save it as a composition.  


While in the editor, put this into the debug console, this will spawn the sinkhole in the editor so you can place it like any other place-able object. 


    screenToWorld [0.5,0.5]




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Yeah I seen on Reddit someone's post guessing it was yours.  btw thats backwards dont forget to rotate it 180.  originally when I started I asked about no-one had a clue nor ever said it can be done a few people even asked me to tell them if I figured it out when I was digging about.  Both ways work.  guess its a matter of pref Im only using it as basically a static prop and reproducing what it looked like after they started building the dome over it.  But its more completed (60% cover vs 30% in the campaign) just part of the flow for what Im trying to plan out as a long term Alive campaign on Livonia.

Do appreciate the feedback.  Big thing was I thought this was hidden somehow inside contact's containers but could been real late for me and I was looking at the wrong thing. basically didnt see A3 anywhere seen it pointing at somewhere in 'contact' folder why I was really hesitant to explain how. but then someone pointed out it wasnt but sitting hidden in A3.

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