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OPERATION COBALT: The Walking Dead Total Conversion

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"When civilization ends, it ends fast" - Tobias





Greetings everyone!

Today I'm here to share with you my biggest project yet. Operation Cobalt.


What is Operation Cobalt?

I'm sure we can all agree there is a lack of "good" FPS/TPS games based in The Walking Dead universe, with very few that even give a glimpse of the Army/Gov in action. Operation Cobalt is an apocalyptic total conversion mod based in The Walking Dead universe, using Ravage and ACE3 as a base, and attempts to portray the efforts of the Military in Roleplay, Milsim, SP, Co-op, and even PVP environments with its included missions and content.

In The Walking Dead, Operation Cobalt is the name given to the plan devised by the U.S. Military in order to contain the spread of the infection. The initial stage of Operation Cobalt was initiated three days after the initial outbreak began in the U.S.A., with the deployment of military units into major urban areas (such as Los Angeles, California or Atlanta, Georgia) after the outbreak overwhelmed local law enforcement. Once deployed, the units would set up easily defensible 'Safe Zones' in urban areas such as Safe Zone India in Los Angeles or around the CDC in Atlanta. Medical facilities and refugee centers, such as those in the Los Angeles Arena and Raynard Community College, would also be set up to secure those believed to be infected, provide screenings for the injured and sick, and to act as bases of operations. Once these areas were set up, the safe zones would be used as a spring board to try to take back major metropolitan areas.


Included Missions/Scenarios (W.I.P)

Operation Cobalt comes with missions, scenarios, and campaigns that all take place in The Walking Dead universe and portray the events of Operation Cobalt, mostly during the first 30 days of the outbreak.


Operation Cobalt RPG (MMORPG) (Released, Alpha)



You RP one of two roles (You can swap between them): Military and civilian. Military personnel have to enforce laws, ensure safety in safezones, conduct missions, and attempt to take the region back from the dead and rebuild civilization. Civilians are basic survivors who must choose between a safe life within the safezones, resort to baditry, or start their own community away from the safezones.

In an effort to combine Milsim, Roleplay, and Zombie Survival, Operation Cobalt is the first ever gamemode meant to immerse the players into a heavy Roleplay environment based in the VERY EARLY stages of the zombie apocalypse, offering players an experience never before seen in Arma 3 while witnessing the fall of society. Rather than throwing the players into an open world with the basic survival mechanics with no real idea of who you are or what you're supposed to do, Operation Cobalt puts the players into one of two sides, where the civilians are free to start their own factions and communities while fighting the undead, pesky bandits, and struggling for survival in the beloved universe of The Walking Dead, and the soldiers need to enact Operation Cobalt.

The events of the Operation Cobalt RPG scenario take place in the following scenario: 17 days into the outbreak, the contingency plan was activated and the major city in the area was bombed. The remaining military units all withdrew to the nearest airbase. After failing to establish contact with high command, the remaining National Guardsmen decided to continue their mission and will begin a second and final push into hostile territory in order to contain, build, exterminate, and protect. Although the official lore never stated that the military attempted a second push, it was never denied or confirmed, therefore I’ve taken a few creative liberties!



  • Two playable factions, each with their own dynamics, shops, playstyles, events, bases, and equipment.
  • Authentic roleplay environment.
  • 120 max players.
  • Extensive base building with different options based on which faction a player is in.
  • Hunger and thirst.
  • Mining, picking apples trees and mushrooms, fishing, hunting, and cooking.
  • Extensive lore based in The Walking Dead universe, with nods to the show and eastereggs.
  • Weapon, item, gear, and vehicle shops with trading.
  • Money, XP, ranking, and kill tracker systems.
  • Full persistence if the server owner has INIDBI2 enabled.
  • Bandit and friendly AI.
  • TFAR support. Having TFAR enabled on the server will auto-add the radios to the military gear shop.
  • And over a dozen more features currently planned and in development!







Game Server IP:

Port: 2302



  • Trapped (SP Mission) (TBA)
  • First Contact (SP Mission) (TBA)
  • Resurgence (Co-Op Mission) (TBA)
  • Escape (Co-Op Mission) (TBA)
  • First Responders (SP Campaign) (TBA)
  • COBALT (SP Campaign) (TBA)
  • N.O.A.H. (SP Campaign) (TBA)


Main Mod Features


  • Highly modified Ravage zombies with custom sounds and new animations. (Configured as a replacement mod for Ravage)
  • Custom units for various factions in the editor for mission creation. (Constantly adding more)
  • New weapons and items such as an AR-15, Thermometer gun, fishing pole, pickaxe, hammer, and dozens of food and drink items. (Constantly adding more)
  • Hunger and thirst.
  • Arma 2 animations and terrain walking sounds.
  • Mining, picking apples from trees and mushrooms, fishing, hunting, and cooking using ACE interact. (Constantly adding more)

* All sheep can be hunted with the item classname "rvg_guttingKnife".
* You can cook meat at the campfire with the classname "Campfire_burning_F".
* You can mine with the item classname "gen_pickaxe" at the big hill with the classname "Land_SY_01_stockpile_02_F".
* You can gather mushrooms with the classnames "CUP_clutter_mochomurka" AND "fern_boletus_group".
* You can pick apples off the tree with the classname "CUP_t_malus1s".
* You can go fishing when riding in ANY naval vehicle if you have the item classname "gen_fishing_pole".

  • Customized ACE system.
  • ACE can be fully customized to suit your liking under Options --> Addon Options --> Server --> ACE Stuff.
  • Extensive lore based in The Walking Dead universe, with nods to the show and eastereggs. (Constantly adding more)
  • All existing Ravage modules and features will work EXCEPT for the survival system. Use the new KSS Hunger and Thirst module instead!
  • And over a dozen more features currently planned and in development!


Documentation on how to implement each feature into your custom missions will be available soon. For now, join the Discord for help.

Join our Discord for access to our official Cobalt game servers, help, tips, announcements, and so on.

There is a channel in the Discord called "editors-corner", all help regarding how to use the new assets can be requested there.


Screenshots, videos, downloads, and the required mods are available on the Steam Workshop.




Operation Cobalt and its core missions, mods and new items by Genesis (Myself)
ACE 3 by ACE 3 Team, modified by Genesis
Expansion Mod - CBRN by Jakes
3den Enhanced by R3vo
Arma 2 Sounds for Arma 3 by MAXIMILI
Arma 2 Anims To Arma 3 by MAXIMILI, modified by Genesis
Police Pack by Demian2435
Donnie's 3rd Person Camera, by Donnie
Building Compositions by DP
Immersion Cigs by Rebel
Ivory Car Pack by Dezkit
ACE Animations Extension by KKA3
KSS Hunger and Thirst by KSS, modified by Genesis
PLP Markers by PLP
USA Unifroms Megapack by Niko
Extra RHS Uniform Retextures by War


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Looks great, can't wait for the missions.

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