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Dynamic Recon Ops and TRGM2: which map/faction/vehicle combos work well?

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After growing frustrated with a lot of downloaded missions that don't work well due to updates, bugs, broken scripts and balancing issues, I've been trying out Dynamic Recon Ops with my small group. We've had two sessions, one on Chernarus, one in Fallujah, and they were great fun, so I'm thinking we'll probably play DRO and TRGM2, which I've heard good things about, more regularly.


We're also about to add the RHS mods to our modset, which leads to my question: I have to admit I'm somewhat overwhelmed with the number of factions at our disposal, and the number of vehicles we can spawn in DRO. I've always been bad at remembering the names/abbreviations for all the military hardware, and adding RHS hasn't exactly helped in this respect.


Therefore, can people here give me advice on what combinations of maps (or perhaps map types - we have all the main Arma 3 ones, as well as those added by CUP and Fallujah), factions and starting vehicles work well? We're a fairly small group, usually with 4-6 players.

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