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Djalka is a fictional 32.6km^2 ArmA 3 terrain version of the South Georgia Islands, located to the further east of Argentina past the Falklands / Islas Malvinas and were part of the conflict at the time. It is a snow-covered tundra-like terrain, with many mountain peaks, long roads and drives, many towns, military bases, factories, deep sea, and a lot of ocean and air environment for diverse encounters of all types. The map contains a lot of diverse areas ranging from populated cities to complete open terrain, alongside coasts and rocky mountains, vantage points on landmarks, and much more. There’s a few easter eggs and the maps is to be updated more in the future.


Launch trailer:



The goal was to make a fun, big, and distinct snow terrain that’d scratch the itch the ArmA 3 community had been having for a snow/winter-themed terrain. The map is also located in a location uncommon to videogames and ArmA 3, which is in South America, east of Argentina - the forgotten island that was part of the Falklands conflict. The map is by no means similar to the real-life location, other than the shape and structure of the terrain. All the cities, military bases, farms, landmarks, and so on are purely fictional for recreational purposes of the terrain.

This was a personal project I embarked on when I was 16 in highschool. It was my 2nd map attempt and a more serious and big one at it. I ran into a lot of technical issues, a learning curve, and on and off work trying to juggle real life, my other hobbies, computer problems, high school, and college. Most of the work in this map was done around that time. This project first started in March 2017, and after lots of work, I am happy to release it for people to enjoy and have fun missions on.

There is more to come, as I plan to upgrade and do more detail work on this map. I am open to suggestions, and if anyone wants to volunteer ideas or help with object placement, feel free to contact me.

CUP Terrains - Core

Technical Details:
-32km x 32km Size
-Altitude range of 0 to 400
-Tundra/winter/snowy biome with falling snow (replacement of the Rain parameter)
-Multiple settlements such as a large electrical plant, saw mills, farms, military bases, and many towns and cities made with vantage points in mind for missions.
-Small deserted islands scattered around the island
-Some open fields for mission makers & object placement

CC BY-NC-SA 4.0: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/

Special Thanks & Credits:
-M1lkm8n for very specific help fixing up errors and lending a hand into sorting things out and fixing issues, really awesome guy, I owe him one!
-Rave for inspiring me and pushing me to keep working on the terrain, watching it's progress, tolerating my shenanigans on a daily basis!
-BPS and PTR for their permission to use their winter vegetations

-ArmanIII for his permission to use his winter vegetation and his helpfulness

-Community Upgrade Project team for their conversion of the ArmA I and II assets to ArmA III
-Snake Man, Lappihuan, M1lkm8n HorribleGoat, Mikero, Ice, & bludclot for being really helpful and giving me a lot of pointers and help throughout the #terrain_makers Discord chat to make this terrain possible!

-The ArmA III #terrain_makers Discord chat, and all the help and support from diverse community members

-Adanteh for ObjectPlacementTBH, awesome tool and really useful!

-Bohemia Interactive for this opportunity to make our own content and express our creativity, making a welcoming environment for users to create wonderful things on, and for such an amazing game!

Thank you!


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-Signatures and keys added
-Optimized loading times
-Replaced some assets for better ones

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WIP! New islands are in development. I have been requested by a few people to make a few of the islands around Djalka to be more accesible, and to get populated. I've added 3 new bridges that connect to 3 islands, islands which were previously empty. These islands will be to the north of the towns of Correa and Soto. I've started to add a few houses, a radio station, and a factory to these newly populated islands, alongside roads and dirt paths. Will be adding more buildings and maybe more factories, I just started working on this idea, will likely be released in the following updates! This is a very early in development upcoming update.

Some early teasers:


Some early in-game screenshots of the bridges and early object placement:


Stay tuned!

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Great job! I've been working on mission making for twenty years and never released anything! So kudos!  It takes real persistence to get this done!

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Hey everybody. The new islands of Fuegian, Nasua, and Warrah are now live! Check out some pictures of what I've been up to with them:


I've also made other extra object placements changes and minor details around some of the map areas, like adding more scenery and a bit more life to a few cities, like adding timber piles, wood crates, cargo shipments, and more, around the map - and I plan to keep giving some life and lived-in tone to the map in following updates.

Thanks and feel free to check it out, it's now live on the STEAM Workshop and I hope soon on Armaholic, hope you guys like these three new locations! Have fun!

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