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Jason R.C.

Arma 3 Marksmen Purchase Problem

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I have emailed Bohemia about this more than a week ago with no reply.

So now i'm here.


I purchased Arma 3 Marksmen from steam on the 27th of last month in with a package.

I didn't realize it was in the package when I came to the Bohemia website and purchased it again as a stand alone mod in Feb.

I have never used the KEY given to me for this mod and have not even put 1 minute into my own original copy.


I contacted them about this and asked if I can have my $9 bucks back. They have not replied to date which is roughly a week later.

So my question is, Are they really going to keep my money even though I have supported this game and I already have the mod?

Are they going to just treat this as a cash grab and not refund me?

Of course if I was them, refund back and say thinks for your purchase!


Let's see what happens. See if any ethics are put in place here.

I hope for a positive outcome.

9$ is not worth loosing your self dignity over is it?


I hope they will reach out to me eventually with some good news.


Update will follow.

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Hey @Jason R.C.,


As of me writing this reply, I have double checked with the Bohemia Interactive Store team and you should have received your refund some time last week. Often it takes a little time to sort things out, but we make sure never to ignore tickets. 

If you have any further questions or issues, feel free to reach out. 🙂

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