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Regimental Combat Team 7 Recruiting Now. Prepare to March!

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Are you looking for a simple pick up and play MilSim team? Then RCT-7 is just for you! If you want that structured, well-organized group of friends who enjoy tactical gameplay that Arma allows, then like ourselves, you’ll fit right into a healthy culture of gaming, chatting and chilling.


Where to find us:

On Discord @ https://discord.gg/QrtAaTU

On ARMA Units @ https://units.arma3.com/unit/rct-7


Who are we:

Regimental Combat Team 7 is a Marine Corps emulated MilSim Unit that’s based around good people and good times. Never taking ourselves too seriously (no screaming, no drama, no PT, yadda yadda) and always cooperating as a unit for mission success. Our structure for roleplay aspects is as followed:



Infantry:1st Squad (Rifle), 1st Platoon, Echo Company, 2nd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment

Armor:1 Section, 1st Platoon, Alpha Company, 3rd LAR Battalion (Reinforced)


1st Marine Air Wing (1st MAW)

MAG-12 (VMFA-225)

MAG-24 (HMLA-367)

As a combat team, we allow our members to choose what they specialise in (pending there are slots available) and this can be changed at any time after a quick conversation with leadership. Flexibility and variation outweigh strict and formal to make each mission unique and enjoyable. From Liberation to PvP hosted on our 24/7 dedicated server, our tailored mod list (link below) is all you need to really enjoy your time at RCT-7.


RCT-7 Compilation: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1886694011


What do we do:

Saturday is our “Community Day” - this is when we host a training class and/or community event for the general enjoyment of our members. No attendance required - strictly voluntary!

Sunday is our “Operation Day” - at 4pm EST we launch a mission from our custom campaign/FTX and get our MilSim on. If you’re on the Active Roster, this is our only mandatory attendance event but of course, IRL always comes first and simply letting us know you can't make it in advance is all that's asked.

Weekdays are our “Casual Fun” - where members link up and play other games, run Antistasi Liberation, PvP, I&A or other missions on our server or just focus on IRL things until the weekend comes.


Who are we looking for:

Mature Players (18+ preferred)

Team-oriented & dedicated

Willing to be part of a structure-based organization (without the saluting)

Willing to take initiative in unit activities and briefings (staying in the loop)

What do we require:

Have a valid copy of ARMA 3 (APEX preferred but not mandatory)

Available on weekends (unit events are Sundays 4pm EST)

Have Discord ( https://discord.gg/QrtAaTU )

Have Teamspeak 3 with the TFAR plugin installed (http://radio.task-force.ru/en/)

Have respect for others and yourself

Have fun!

If all of this sounds like a good fit for you - join our discord now and tag a @Recruiter in the #rct-7-message-board.


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