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TvsTvsT RPG Crookz v0.9

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Hey guys!

Older players might remember my Arma 2 mission called Crooks. It is basically a fun game where all players play Cops that serve & protect the island while a serial killer has a plan to take out 10 victims  - call girls. They are marked on the map with pink dots (and black when dead). More girls are taken out by this madman, more equipment crates and vehicles are unlocked for cops (recon helicopter, APCs, bulletproof vests, shotguns, G36s, etc.). If there are more than 10 players there are also two slots for Criminals that are independent - they can help catch the psycho killer or help him take out all the girls. But they have other ways to have fun too: kidnapping police chief's wife, robbing a bank, stealing weapons from Army depot, etc.

I set this mission of mine to Fapovo Island which is a nice not too big island for a medium team of players.

Mods required are regulars on our server: ACE, CUP, RHS, Max Women, Ivory Cars and Fapovo of course. Full list available here on our Steam Workshop Collection, but from Island you need only Fapovo.

Would any group or individual want to test out the mission with me and my guys? We are an English-language speaking group that are around since 2001. Join our Discord http://discord.gg/0at5rHYr1sy2Mp8y or SBP Group to get more info on how to join us. We'll be using Discord voice comm for a test instead of regular Teamspeak comms.


When? Friday January 24 8PM UK, 9PM CET.

Where: Discord meetup see link above!

Our dedicated A3 server address & password will be presented to you on our Discord voice comm.

Addons required to join (other islands can be taken out ) --> http://www.vojak.si/rabim/ 
Cya and lets have some fun 😉

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I have very fond memories of this mission since it was the first one I've ever played online in Arma 2.


I am glad you brought it back and I can't wait to play it on more maps!


Thank you!


PS: I will be there tonight!

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We had 2 events so far, mission is dev'ed in Fapovo Island.

I'll release soon to Workshop.



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