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Season 2: Hunters

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Main New Features :

Season 2: Hunters

New Weapons

  • Crossbow
  • Mosin Nagant
  • The John

New Tools

  • Fake Glint
  • Portable Signal Detector

Permanent Price Drop

Bullet Penetration revision

Character, Camera and Combat polishing


Shooting, Weapons & Tools

Fixed: The situation where contact bomb could trigger twice if triggered by player & bomb at the same time

Fixed: Disabled Hold Breath hint on weapons without a scope – only scoped weapons have this mechanic

Fixed: Can't fire indicator while jumping

Changed: Damage of contact bomb to 45

Added: Portable detector now filters out broken/in-active transmitters & dead outlanders

Added: A hit indicator when damaged by contact bomb

Tweaked: Recoil action speed lowered, spread cooldown lowered, adjusted recoil sequences, recoil sizes, and axis altered

Tweaked: Screen shake upon contact bomb explosion

Tweaked: The damage range of contact bomb

Tweaked: Removed stagger from low rarity knives, adjusted roll on scoped weapons, reduced 9mm damage slightly

Tweaked: Aim points adjusted

Updated: Detonation radius of contact bomb no longer visible in-game



Fixed: Interaction markers invisible for dead player bodies

Fixed: When the player dies with insurance, he should be getting his experience from looted things aswell

Changed: Reward screen now shows new looted gameplay events

Tweaked: Airdrop location is updated after 6 seconds instead of the previous 3


Fixed: Charity Box leaderboards show another Gamertag marked as you - filling order and rank detection reworked

Fixed: Charity Box does not refresh in-game after the season ends

Fixed: MessageBox informing about insufficient funds doesn't appear in the Stable Store anymore

Fixed: Charity Box - Leaderboards - Fast page switching breaks leaderboards

Fixed: Targets can't be destroyed after entering the shooting challenge

Fixed: Battle Pass - Infinite looping of claim reward

Fixed: Daily challenge choosing algorithm can no longer pick Story category as the least used category and therefore find no challenge to pick

Changed: Added new challenge condition for when the player leaves the encounter as a threat

Changed: Featured Store - Behaviour when you don't have enough currency

Changed: Matchmaking can no longer be canceled in the "Waiting for server" state

Added: Autorotation & rotation of item in the preview

Tweaked: Ui elements position in the charity box due to long texts

Tweaked: Battle Pass - Position of onboarding messages to fit the new layout



Fixed: Movements attenuation - movements are now centered when ADS

Fixed: Prone body angle

Added: Collision for the side of stairs



Fixed: Prone camera allows for clipping

Fixed: Better left-shoulder camera

Fixed: PPSh-41 - Left-hand movement during reload animation

Fixed: Knife hands rotation

Changed: Rotation for Pukko knife

Changed: Proper card item images set for tools

Changed: Moved the spectator to be free look camera

Tweaked: Thompson SMG reload animations polish

Tweaked: The birds are spawned more often for hunters season

Tweaked: Suomi KP/-31 reload animations polish

Tweaked: Spectator can now rotate around a killer

Removed: fog from aurora borealis weather



Fixed: Removed looping sound cue of creaks from farms

Fixed: Footsteps attenuation and volume

Added: New jingles for reward screen Hunter season

Added: New wolf howls to start the match (in map animation) - all maps

Tweaked: Slightly higher footsteps volume

Tweaked: Explosion volume lowered

Tweaked: Faster spawning of bird sounds for hunters season

Tweaked: Footsteps volume



Fixed: The player must discover all the places again in every encounter

Fixed: Xbox logo in splash screen no longer flicks white

Added: URL for changelog added to the game

Added: Killer statistics should be now part of the match result structure to be able to show values in reward screen

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The game still crashes when crafting disinfectant... 

We still cannot craft disinfectants in stacks... It takes like 30 min to craft a 100 of them.... 


Game also still crashes but alot less than before luckily. 


God cheating spot in fiske fabrik still not fixed either.. 

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Hi, I have few questions:


-Can we expect to find the plans we didnt have in the season 1 ? In crates or in shop ?

-I don't see the mosin nagant plan in the battle pass. I saw it's a white weapon so it will be maybe easy to find it in a white box (?)


-Is there some issues with invisible players on the radar ? I noticed it for the 1st time last night in duo. I did the radar and saw nothing. I let the 2 crates for my friend so we were separate. That was lucky because I saw this guy moving for my friend. But I'm sure, there was no ping on the map.


-Do you work on night maps ? Like a new weather. And... Do you work on new maps ? Do you have a kind of leaderboard ? Which one is the less played ? 



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Still experiencing crashes after pressing A(repeatedly) and attempting to craft at the same time. Would like to see all slots of the free battle pass like guns, grenades and chest. the battle pass is really good and i enjoy it. add less spray to guns and less recoil just to balance a few guns. more maps, riddles and more features would be awesome.




"edit" new maps would be cool




Edited by Christopher Acevedo

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At firing range While doing challenge number 3 with the new Mosen gun it glitches out my entire game and dashboards me to my main Xbox screen,my friends tried as well and the same goes for them

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I have never been more disappointed than I am about the crossbow in this game. I have enjoyed Vigor since day one and was extremely excited about the crossbow until I realized how useless it was. It can take out the practice dummies in one shot but never kills an outlander with a single shot unless shot in the head. With its long reload you never get a 2nd shot on a player before they kill you with any other weapon or retreat to heal. The crossbow needs to kill in a single shot at close to medium range with a upper body shot exactly like it does in the shooting range. It would not be overpowered as a single shot killer cause it requires patience and skill to land shots on players. Please fix the crossbow so it doesn’t become just a gun scrapped for materials. 

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It should only kill in a single shot in head or heart if you hit a fleshwound in torso it shouldent be 1 shot lol

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It needs to be a one shot in the upper body not just the head. An arrow in the lungs or heart would kill you. It just needs to be more competitive rather than a novelty weapon. A crossbow can’t beat shotguns, machine guns, pistols, Assault rifles, and sub machine guns at close range or sniper rifles at long range. The reload is what makes it useless as a two shot kill weapon and a faster reload would fix it. It’s only use is at medium to close range shooting from cover or running a second weapon to finish off targets. In reality an arrow does more damage than a bullet. 

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Plz fix the bug when when in a gun fight and we kill each other this has been constant and annoying. 



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