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Jan 15 vigor update 1.54gb

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Negative feedback:


Footsteps from teammate sound weird

This update broke person spectate. 




That x can be seen because I was trying to loot someone when I died.
Spectating is now like you can only see the insides of your buddy.
This seem to happen directly after the teammate enters first person.  If he goes back to third after a long time it seems to go back to normal.


Challange craft 15 rifles for a green crate akm is a assault 'rifle' and do not count towards challange. 


Network connection is unstable still comes up during the start of a lobby when players load in or first 10 second of map. 


I understand why you put the flashes on sniper rifles but when you in third person it shouldn't flash especially adr... 

Also in foggy map it should not flash at all. 



Positive feedback:


They fixed phroning I think 👍 no longer stand the teammate up by bumping into each other
And alot of places that would auto stand you up seems fixed too.


The plane of the airdrop is not so noisy so you can actually hear something. 


I haven't crashed yet so I keep my hopes up. 

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12 matches done and crashed zero times ( Xbox one) crashes seem fixed. 

Great job devs! A great game just became my no1

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