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[US][EU][AUS] 7th Cavalry Regiment Bravo Troop 1st Platoon is Recruiting!

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Do you like tanks? Are you a fan of armored combat? Are you an excellent team player? Then the 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment wants you!!!


A little bit about myself, I am 2nd Lieutenant Kyle York, currently the platoon leader of 7th Cavalry Regiment, Bravo Troop, 1st Platoon. I am a real armored crewman in the Canadian military and have been doing it for the past 12 years. I bring a lot to the table when implementing realism and overall a fun enjoying atmosphere. Currently we have two sections but are looking to grow larger. I have a great deal of experience when it comes to Armored Warfare that makes our practices a lot more in-depth and fun! I do believe that there should be a great balance of MILSIM and real life to allow all our troopers to have a great experience and yet be able to unwind at the end of it.

About The Unit:
The 7th Cavalry gaming Regiment is a ultra-realism unit based around the 1st Cavalry Division, 7th Cavalry Regiment "Garryowen!" We run real world MOS's and kits as used by the United States Armed forces today. We have a variety of positions available to choose from, and we incorporate realistic training's based off of tactics used by the armed forces today. We currently have over 189+ Active Personnel and over 40 Reserve personnel.


19 Kilos needed:
In the course of acquiring new individuals to fill a variety of roles available, the 7th Cavalry Regiment is looking for several highly motivated and dedicated individuals to bear the 19 Kilo MOS.

What is a 19 Kilo?- A 19 Kilo MOS is the U.S army's designation for all active Armored Crewmen serving in the U.S Armed forces. Armored crewmen are responsible for operating and maintaining the M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tank. Positions range from the following:


What will my responsibilities be?- As a member of Bravo troop (One of our various classifications for troopers who bear the MOS 19K), your job will consist of the following tasks:

-Operate the M1A2 TUSK II Abrams in various combat operations.
- Work with a designated crew to ensure all combat goals are achieved and crew survivability.
- Attend one weekly Section practice (SP) to learn techniques and tactics. Topics range from formations, to crew commands, and more. All SP times are scheduled around to ensure all Members can participate.
-Operate under intense combat situations.
-Provide protection to infantry troops operating in conjunction with the M1A2 Abrams in various
Combat Scenarios.


How do I enlist in the 7th Cavalry Regiment and become a Tanker?- Follow this link! https://7cav.us/enlist - Upon completion of your designated Bootcamp, you will be required to pick a MOS and a section (Based off your timeframe and availability)

Here are the minimum standards for enlistment into the 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment:

1. Minimum age is 18, not debatable, no exceptions

2. You must have a microphone

3. Must have Team Speak 3

4. Must have one of the following games to join:

Arma 3 WITH Apex DLC
Hell Let Loose
5. Must be willing to play in a Military and Tactical Realism Unit

6. Must be willing to take orders and follow the chain of command

7. Once you complete Boot Camp you will be assigned to a Section/Squad and you must practice with that group. If you cannot attend the practice of your assigned Section/Squad due to work or some other real life event, you must be excused by your Section/Squad Leader. Options for making up the practice can be discussed with your Section/Squad Leader and Platoon Chain of Command.

8. Must be active on the forum 1 time a week. Your Section/Squad Leader will make a roll call post once a week, you must respond to this post in the required manner.

9. Must not be a member of another FPS Clan/Unit. Dual Clanning is prohibited.

10. Must not have a VAC or Game Ban on record within the last 5 years.

We hope you join the brotherhood that is the yellow and black!!!!


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