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_ctrl lbSetCurSel -1

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I was creating a dialog with a combo and was using the lbSetCurSel command. Apparently the BIKI is not entirely correct because it states


To deselect all, use -1: _ctrl lbSetCurSel -1;



There is one note which seems interesting:



Prior to ArmA 1.90 lbSetCurSel -1 had no effect while the listbox was populated. You needed to use lbClear first, then lbSetCurSel -1, then re-populate the listbox.

~ @dreadedentity,  November 29, 2014


It looks like this behaviour only applies to Listboxes (CT_LISTBOX) but not Combos (CT_COMBO). Instead when selecting the "-1st" entry it selects the 0th.


So here's the question: Has anyone got an idea how to deselect a combo entry (ideally without clearing it)?

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_ctrl lbSetCurSel _ind;

This one. Referencing a control only by it's IDC might lead to interferences with other controls with the same IDC.

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