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How do you specifiy in the config if a weapon goes into the primary or secondary slot?

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Hello everyone! 


I am currently messing around in the config files of our of our custom mods, and I have been wondering if it would be posssible to make one of our smaller primaries (an SMG, say) equippable as a sidearm.
I am fairly inexperienced with configs and scripting (so far I can change values and display names), but my guess would be there must be something that can be changed in order to achieve that?

Thank you all who take the time to read this, and have a great day!

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CfgWeapons >> weapon >> type =

#define WeaponSlotPrimary        1        // primary weapons
#define WeaponSlotHandGun     2        // HandGun
#define WeaponSlotSecondary   4        // secondary weapons


Changing type to 2 should be enough to enable equipping the SMG into the pistol slot, but some of the arm anims, holster position etc will look wrong.

Example mod, just changing the type on inherited "SMG_01_F" to 2


player addWeapon "LARs_SMG_01_F"

...in a test mission.

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