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How to repack the Eastwind campaign?

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Hello to all!


Let me get directly to the Point: I wanted to edit the original Eastwind Campaign, you know, add a few units here, replace a loadout there...That does even work, at least, as long as I extract the missions to a seperate file, and leave out everything script based. This ofcourse Limits you to working exclusively with what's already on the map or to place them by yourself. That way I was able to create a working playable campaign without errors poping up. Now, I wanted to Change a few Things within the "skirmish POI" files. (After all, there are so many cool addons out there, and beeing limited to only use them when they're handplaced is  a bit boring).


Now to my newest attempt.
I can't get the damn thing to show up in the campaign menu in game. I so far changed Nothing (apart from giving the campaign a different name to distinguish it from the vanilla one), simply extracted the files with Eliteness and renamed the main folder from  "missions_f_epa" to "eastwind_retold" and repacked it, put it in a folder named "@TEST" and inside said folder, I created another folder named "Addons" I say again, at this point, I haven't changed anything inside the "eastwind_retold" folder. but nothing happens. Putting "eastwind_retold" in a campaigns folder, causes it to display an error about a mssing ".ext" file.


So, I am a bit puzzled, and help would be much welcome 😄

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