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MACV-SOG Military Assistance Command Vietnam – Studies and Observation Group, in a nutshell a boring name for an elite SF contingent during the Vietnam War, its purpose? Black ops and deep battle space recon.



Who are we?

We are a group of guys who play Arma 3 Unsung and a sprinkle of other well-polished mods to emulate Spec Ops forces during the Vietnam war.

We’re not “milsim” as most of us are ex professional soldiers, we’ve been there and done that, we have no intention of saluting the pole again.

We don’t have ranks we have responsibilities; you want responsibility just step up and it will be granted on ability. We do follow Standard Operating Procedure adapted from UK/US tactics and made to work with ARMA 3’s glorious engine.

We are a small community of players who've been playing since Operation Flash Point, most of us are in our late twenties and early thirties, if your looking for a massive group, we are not for you. If your looking for team that's relaxed but has a professional side we are for you.



How do we play?

We are primarily a Special Forces orientated group, we conduct close target recon missions moving in to enemy held jungle and setting up OP’s on enemy positions. Direct action missions where we plan pre planned missions and then assault said objective. QRF missions, Bright light missions and Patrol & Ambush Missions. We are a COOP group, ordinarily due to the mechanics of the game we run a coop player team assisted by AI point men and extra firepower, we call the AI our INDIG.

All air support is run through our COVEY RIDER (Zeus player), who directs in airstrikes via Zeus and our battlefield taxi’s aka helicopters.



Requirements to join?

Preferably 18 plus, however were flexible on that depending on the person.

Own all DLC for ARMA 3 and a functioning microphone

Have a passion for blowing up bad, bad guys.




Everyone has to earn their stripes, come along and see if its for you, if you like it stay after a brief probation time you’ll be bumped up to operator where you can lead missions yourself as a ONE-ZERO or just strap dangle with other teams.




Command And Sigs;



Available on request


Game Server;

“FOB 6 – SOG”






SOG Basic Mod Pack



Task Force Arrowhead Radio.

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