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First of all this forum is very crap

Stuck on verifying I'm not a robot for 2mins at least.... 



On to main point of topic. 

I play vigor since release and I'm extremely tired of all the crashes.. 

I lose 90% of all my loadout due to crashes and 10% to players wich is normal. 


I lost hunderds of augs vss adr hbars and all the good shit because my game on Xbox one crashes 6 out of 10 games


Can this be fixed please? 

Not just on my behalf but everyone's I know so many people who are quiting because the game is crap because the crashes 


I don't care about other bugs or glitches just for **** sake fix gamecrashes


Where is the compensation for every time I crash? 


I craft guns sometimes 6 hour per gun sometimes 1.5 hour than I equip it and start a match and it's 70% chance i crash and lose it.... 

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I found out that when you have a Xbox one x crashes are reduced by around 80%.    That's funny

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