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Antoine Jdn

improvement for daily missions

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About daily missions, why not :


giving 2 more missions for who's paying battle pass ?


+ giving more xp when finished them ? Why ? → Because some missions could be finished in  5 minutes and others 3-4 days, or 1 week and more. So keeping a hard mission who it's giving golds or legendary chest just for 200 XP like it's actualy = it's no very rewards to level up the battle pass.


It should be having 3 differents levels of difficulity ; easy / normal / hard.

+ We could  change a  hard missions in normal, and normal in easy for free.

+ A normal mission could give 300 XP, normal 700 XP and hard 1000 XP



And about the knife missions...It could be :


1 kill for a blue chest

2 kills for a epic chest

3 kills for a legendary chest


Why ? → Because in fact it's very long to doing them how it's actualy (3 or 5 or 10 kills with a knife). It's very rare to kill a random player who he don't have a gun or having it, and us with a knife killing a player who is not a friend who help us.

Or why not just doing 1 shot with the knife to kill someone ? like a Call of Duty game


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