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[RELEASE] Side missions script

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This is a release of my side missions scripts that I am working on. What it does is that it creates 4 (Currently) simple missions for the player to complete. The missions are Free captives, Access computer, Assassinate officer and Destroy radar. The missions can also be considered as main missions, whatever suits your needs.


You can use this script to create side missions in your mission.

The scripts are still WIP and may have bugs and they are not yet tested on dedicated server, although should work.


If you find any bugs you can report them here. Also if you have any suggestions/request of what kind of side missions should be supported feel free to ask here.

I have created the first 4 side missions in what kind of missions would the special forces do, mind set. So if you have requests it should preferably be with that mind set.


Note: This script does not create enemies, only the mission target objects/men



https://drive.google.com/open?id=1b9fYl8BA1gIQyfFPYvghQ5yNlFY2JH6C (v0.51)



Extract the zip to your user missions folder and play. Check map for mission assigning and info


If you want to make the script compatible with your missions you should edit the misDeps.sqf file under sideMissions folder.


Have fun! 😄

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Released new version!

The missions now support setting up the mission objects from composition. Also changed the eliminate officer mission name


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19 hours ago, rob4545 said:

ahoj prosím, kam zadejte text TASK ID 



Sorry, only english please 🙂


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