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Looking for script : Add Action to delpoy custom, positionable composition.?

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I'm looking for a script that will enable me to add an action to a vehicle to deploy a user made/custom composition (by mission editor) which will be 'player positionable' (rotate etc) within a small radius of the stationary vehicle. Ideally similar to the same way we build a base with Liberation/Dynamic Bulwarks, but tied support vehicle.


Using, for example, an IFA Bren carrier, I would like the player to be able to drive to a destination of their choice, then using menu/add action, deploy an array of e.g m2 mortar in sandbag emplacement with ammoboxes etc, position/rotate it, then, preferably wait for a set build time before using the new assets. Repackable would be the icing on the cake . If  array could be editor-configurable script, rather than a mod, then there'd be the flexibility to have different types of localised support, HMG, AT gun, mechanic's workshop...


I've had a quick play with one or two scripts, eg Asaayu's Custom Cover Script (unfortunately the deloyables are not usable as weapons etc), but  I'll readily confess  my knowledge is extremely limited, and this is beyond my ability.


If anyone could help/point me in the direction of an existing script that I've missed, it's be very much appreciated...

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