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Hi everyone and happy new year!



This is my first script in 2020. @Ori150418 posted a request about a marker searching system and this piqued my interest so I got to work. This script adds a searchable list with all markers to the right side of the map (see video below).



  • Adds list with all markers
  • Markers are searchable by their text
  • Updates positions periodically
  • Updates markers when opening the map
  • Includes user made markers
  • List is hideable


Note: The performance might suffer in missions with a lot of markers. The example mission has a small test built into it which generates 100 markers randomly on the map. I'd appreciate feedback about the performance as I have a good enough system to not notice a difference.



  1. Copy the file "fn_markersearch.sqf" to your mission directory
  2. Add the following line to your init.sqf/initPlayerLocal.sqf:
["init"] execVM "path\to\file\fn_markersearch.sqf"








Have fun!

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