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Vehicle Model Issues

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Hi all,


I'm attempting to make a test vehicle to make sure that I can get a functioning system, before I go and do a more detailed model.


I've managed to import it into the game, and its even driveable as I used the sample cars settings. However, this is an issue:


Now, I don't think its related to physics, as I set it to spawn 10m higher and it fell to that position. If I spawn it correctly with the wheels on the ground (it will do this correctly in the editor preview), then the model will fly off into the air like its being compressed underground.


I have also defined my ViV settings, and checking it via code in the editor says it is active, but that nothing fits, even a small ammobox, despite the fact the ViV markers are quite well space, what am I doing wrong here? I have tried swapping the points around to check them, and I've checked the names are correct multiple times.


What have I done wrong here? Here is my project so far:


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I've managed to get this to work pretty much now.


I had a re-read on the vehicle configs and adjusted the bounds as I think they were set wrong.


I added an exit location to the ViV config, and the respective memory point, and that can load equipment now too.

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