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Hello all,


I've been having some problems creating reliable fade-ins and outs during a cutscene for a mission. For some strange reason, if I execute the script below at the start of the mission, the 'titlecuts' work as they should. Yet, when the player reaches the point where the script is supposed to run, i.e. when he clears an enemy base, the titlecuts cease to function. Like, they literally do nothing...like the command doesn't exist. So I'm absolutely clueless as to why this is happening. I'm sure I've formatted the titlecut command correctly...after all, the script works fine if run at the start of the mission via a trigger. This is the script in question:



//Delay at start to allow for objective notification
//also turn off any music if any
6 fademusic 0;
sleep 10;

//turn music up to full for new track
0 fademusic 1;

//fade to black
titlecut ["","BLACK OUT",4];
playmusic "LeadTrack06_F";
enableRadio false;

sleep 4;
//delete the striders in case they're blocking the road
deletevehicle striderA;
deletevehicle striderB;

deadguy setposATL [18047.355,11779.067,0];
deadguy setdir 274.489;
deadguy enableSimulation false;

sleep 1;
player enableSimulation false;
//now move all units into positions
{_x setpos (getmarkerpos "ecomp1")} foreach units ecomp;
{_x setdir 20} foreach units ecomp;
{_x setpos (getmarkerpos "dcomp1")} foreach units dcomp;
{_x setdir 20} foreach units dcomp;
{_x setpos (getmarkerpos "fcomp1")} foreach units fcomp;
{_x setdir 20} foreach units fcomp;
{_x setpos (getmarkerpos "acomp1")} foreach units acomp;
{_x setdir 20} foreach units acomp;
{_x setpos (getmarkerpos "scomp1")} foreach units scomp;
{_x setdir 20} foreach units scomp;

//Move tanks into position
//First declare their variable as true
tanksmove = true;

y1 setpos (getmarkerpos "yank1");
y2 setpos (getmarkerpos "yank2");
y3 setpos (getmarkerpos "yank3");
y4 setpos (getmarkerpos "yank4");

//Create camera
_camera = "camera" camcreate [18045.1,11780.5,1.30048];
_camera cameraeffect ["internal", "back"];
setacctime 1.0;
camUseNVG false;
showCinemaBorder true;

sleep 1;
//Show Text animation
_currentTime = daytime;
_formatTime = [_currentTime,"HH:MM:SS"] call BIS_fnc_timeToString;
[[["AAF FORTIFICATION,", "<t align = 'left' shadow = '1' size = '0.8' font='PuristaBold'>%1</t>"],["SOUTH OF PYRGOS, ALTIS", "<t align = 'left' shadow = '1' size = '0.8'>%1</t><br/>"],[_formatTime, "<t align = 'left' shadow = '1' size = '1.1'>%1</t>", 15]],safezoneX+0.1,-0.25] spawn BIS_fnc_typeText;
sleep 12;

titlecut ["","BLACK IN",1];

_camera camPreparePos [18044.8,11780.5,1.40048];
[_camera, -8.52768, 4.79555e-006] call BIS_fnc_setPitchBank;
_camera SetDir 132.645;
_camera camPrepareFOV 0.800;
_camera camCommitPrepared 0;

sleep 11;
titlecut ["","BLACK OUT",1];
sleep 1;

_camera camPreparePos [17865.9,11732.2,19.8251];
_camera camPrepareTarget [18044.8,11780.5,1.40048];
_camera camPrepareFOV 0.750;
_camera camCommitPrepared 0;

sleep 1;
titlecut ["","BLACK IN",1];

_camera camPreparePos [17865.9,11732.2,19.8251];
_camera camPrepareTarget (getmarkerpos "camTarget_mk");
_camera camPrepareFOV 0.750;
_camera camCommitPrepared 10;

sleep 7;
titlecut ["","BLACK OUT",3];

sleep 3;

_camera CameraEffect ["Terminate","Back"];
camdestroy _camera;

deadguy setdammage 1;

player enableSimulation true;
//fade in from black
enableRadio true;

3 fadesound 1;
3 fademusic 0.5;
titlecut ["","BLACK IN",3];

sleep 7;



I can't think of anything that takes place between the mission start and the start of the script that would cause the titlecut command to fail entirely.


Has anyone here encountered a problem like this before? Does anyone have any ideas as to what might make the titlecut stop working? That at the very least would point me in possibly the right direction.


Many thanks in advance.

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Do you see the other parts of your script executing, and its only the titleCuts that aren't working?   (i.e., Are you sure the script is executing?).

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The rest of the script is definitely working...everything else works, just the titlecuts seem to not be working at all.





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The BIKI suggests naming your layer so can you try again with

"layer_name" cutText ["","BLACK OUT",4];

? Adapt the rest of the script accordingly.

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CutText seems to have fixed the issue - or at least I hope so!


Thanks for the help 🙂

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