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need to help infistar with #restart(#reassign) code

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Hello, i need to help infistart setting with code #restartHello, I need for help with the Infistar setting and #restart code, which I opened in the beginning of the server without any problems, but when I type in the #restart(#reassign) code, I get this error, and I've asked several forums for help, but most of the time I haven't found the answer we want. please help me


21:11:04 CallExtension 'updatearmalog' could not be found
21:11:04 "<infiSTAR.de> updatearmalog callExtension: "
21:11:04 "<infiSTAR.de> Can not load infiSTAR"
21:11:04 "<infiSTAR.de> vi9969969053"
21:11:04 "<infiSTAR.de> "servername"
21:11:04 "<infiSTAR.de> Dll already loaded"

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