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I present to you a work in progress titled Monster Survival Course  (MSC).  A Coop mission for 1-10 players.


Find on steam here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1952547229


An unknown plague began to spread from somewhere in Poland.  Talking heads will later debate its origin in either an old unearthed Nazi bio-weapons lab or a cold war bunker.  Either way the infection spread at a phenomenal rate.  Russia mobilized whole divisions of troops and marched to the Belarus borders.   The infection was halted to the east and south but reached deep into Germany before a combined NATO / UN force stopped the advance just short of Hamburg.  Much of northeastern Germany now lies in the quarantine zone.  UN troops man the quarantine zone, trying to isolate and purge the hordes of infected.   Banditry quickly became rampant and after a brutal massacre of a UN forward operating base by survivors, UN policy quickly shifted to treat anyone with a weapon the same as the infected.

Meanwhile numerous survivors are seeking to escape from the quarantine zone...


Inspired by the legendary Escape mission, this mission follows much of the same gameplay with a twist:

The main adversaries are 'monsters'.    The mission space is in the quarantine zone in Germany where a zombie outbreak has occurred.


MSC is designed to require the least amount of mods as possible:

Map:  Rosche, Germany


CUP Terrains Core




Zombies and Demons



That's it.  All other mods will be optional.   This mod supports MaxJoiner's great additions to terrorize your players:


Jason mod








Max Zombies (for the Zombie Dogs.  Ryan zombies and Max zombies attack each other)



MSC will detect any of the above mods and use them if they are loaded.  This is completely modular and up you mission hosters.


Some additional mods are supported as well.  As the time of day is random (default setting, can be changed), MSC will give the players a headlamp if Mr. Sanchez' headlamp mod is detected:



Enhanced movement is highly recommended.  Zombies don't parkour.



TFAR supported.


MSC makes use of a loot system.   MSC will detect any additional weapon mods and they will automatically be added to the loot list.  Therefore if you want to run NIArms or SMA or any other weapon pack, MSC will support these dynamically.



MSC features several 'classes'.  These classes affect a player's starting gear.   Some of them have unique abilities.

Retired SOF:
A former special forces member.  He was able to grab a rangefinder from his personal gear.

Two of the survivors happen to be mechanics in their former lives.  They can repair damaged vehicles if they have the proper tools.

The paramedic can revive downed players faster then other classes, in addition to being the medic of the group.

The hunter has a wider selection of firearms based on his hunting pastime.

The reporter was left behind in the quarantine zone while on the job.  He has his hazardous location body armor with him.

The survivalist been prepping for such an occurrence and has brought his 'perfect SHTF gear' with him.

The Chemist is able to build IEDs.  As long as he keeps his tools.  Which are in his toolbelt.

Downed Pilot.
A pilot that was on a recon mission over the quarantine area and was shot down by unknown groundfire.

The criminal was able to access one of his stashed weapons.


Other MSC features:


* Five different mission introduction types

* Several configurable mission parameters to customize your experience

* Player revive system

* News reports system to assist in telling the background of the mission.

* Random traffic by Enigma's great system

* Random Civilians by Enigma's great system

* Death Screen by  GEORGE FLOROS GR.  See a list of his great scripts here:


* Civilian Death penalties system.  Murdering civvies will get you unwanted attention.

* Alias' fire script:



Here the zeds have made short work of the UN's BTR:



The game play loop is similar to Escape:


You start with subpar weapons and no map.  Your first priority is the acquire gear and a map.

Random POIs are spread across the map.   You will need to find a comms tower and contact the outside world.

You will be given a task to perform to earn your freedom.  Perform this task and you will be given an extraction location.

Reach the extraction location a board your ride out of the hell hole.


Sounds easy right?  Like Escape, MSC will be a challenge.   You will be outgunned and will need to be smart.  Prepare to be see these types of messages alot







MSC is a work in progress.....



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A few screen grabs from testing:


Trying to take a comms tower and holy hell of reinforcements show up:



Bloodlust Lite leaves a mess....



Things on fire:





Unseen BTR lending a unsuspecting hand:



Nope, that's not gonna buff out.


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Now that's the Christmas spirit!  This looks really fun ATV, I'll have to give it a try.

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Yeah I have a couple of goofy bugs I need to squash before release.  The revive action is sticking to players so they can "revive" themselves after being revived :eh:

Also JIP is borked so that is a must-fix before any release.

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Revive issues appears corrected.   Mission completing bug squashed.  Still need to fix JIP issue.  TFAR support added


NIArms test.  Running NIArms -- RHS mag compats is a good idea if you choose to use it.



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Jip still remains an issue...jips start the script but don't move to a player...hmmm....


Anyway, here's some pucker factor.  You'll agree when you see it  :icon15:



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SO looking forward to this... Let us know when a test server comes up. Would love to beta test for you.

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Looking forward to this. If anyone has a server up, please share the IP address!

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Chemist class has been found not to create more IEDs on dedicated (works on local hosting)..   Working on a solution along with some other bug fixes....

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