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Nasty weird issue on dedicated server with dynamic simulation or simulation manager

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Yesterday i playing with friend and got a weird issue, for info we are playing on a dedicated machine at home and we got this issue poped up yesterday (we played for month without problem).

So when anybody zoom or use scope we got stuttering client side but the weird thing that really increase the bandwith, i mean we are patroling FPS server side 50 bandwith +/- 30 kbps, if 1 player zoom or use scope the bandwith increase to 500 kbps for 1 sec if 2 player zoom or scope in the same direction we reach +1000 kbps bandwith for 1 sec.


So this issue only happen if we played a mission if the AI are under the management of the Dynamic simulation or Simulation manager.


For info the dynamic simulation setting is straight its 1500m whatever the client view distance... same for for simulation manager 1500m.

An other info the bandwith issue and stuttering client side happen all the time (AI simulated or not) at every view distance client side (100m or 2000m)


We were not playing with this set up for a long time (sim manager) and i think a previous A3 server update broke this feature on dedicated server.


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I didnt have any issue if i don`t use dynamic sim or sim manager, im uploading a video right now to show whats happen on the same server with a scenario that use the same script (like vehicle spawner, R3F log...).

The first part its with dynamic sim and no AI simulated, the 2nd part that spawn AI in an area, there is no dynamic sim enabled.


Thats just really weird cause the server bandwith increase to +500 kbps just by looking in a binocular and got massive stuttering, that not happen without dynamic sim or sim manager, with my friend we just looking in a scope like the first part of the video the server bandwith up to 1000 kbps and a lot of stuttering without any AI simulated, the server running on an other machine at home there is no other program running just 1 Arma 3 server instance.


For info this issue not happen in editor or solo with dynamic sin, only on dedicated server, the only mod used is CBA... i will try without CBA.


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