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Window Use; Store Descriptions; Solo Teaming

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Often times I find myself unable to exit through a window due to a trash bag or similar small item of the environment skewing my height so that I am too tall or short to initiate use of the climb-through function.


Is the character supposed to experience heavy breathing with a quarter of the inventory full and/or while laying prone? Unsure if its a bug or if the developers have reasoning behind it.


Is the latest addition to the crown store a bundle of weapons or weapon camos or weapon plans, etc?

It is not clear with only a picture.


Some form or deterrent against teaming in solos; maybe about 1 out of 4 games someone attempts to invite me to their xbox party when playing Solo and though I have no intent on unfair teaming, its still discouraging to know others are commonly attempting this procedure.

I'm no game designer so idk if its possible to disable basic xbox functions such as party chat during Solo matchmaking but please look into this issue above all my other feedback.

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