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How to draw cutRsc graphics UNDER game UI?

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OK, the title says it all. How do I make the cutRsc draw under the game UI (like status display, GPS display, actionWheel menu, etc.)? I have made graphics to be used as helmer see-through visor or thing like that. I'm able to cast it with cutRsc, but it covers the ingame UI, which is inconvenient. My main question is how do I draw this graphics UNDER the game UI. Is this even possible?

The code to show the helmer visor:

while{ alive player } do {
    waitUntil { headGear player == "dx_H_powerHelmet" };

    if( headGear player == "dx_H_powerHelmet" ) then {
        //show visor
        ("visorPowerHelm" call BIS_fnc_rscLayer) cutRsc ["visorPowerHelmet","PLAIN"];
        waitUntil { !(headGear player == "dx_H_powerHelmet") };
	    //hide visor
        ("visorPowerHelm" call BIS_fnc_rscLayer) cutText["", "PLAIN", 0, false];


And definition of the graphics:

class RscPicture
		access = 0;
		idc = -1;
		type = 0;
		style = 48;
		colorBackground[] = {0,0,0,0};
		colorText[] = {1,1,1,1};
		font = "PuristaLight";
		sizeEx = 1;
		lineSpacing = 0;
		text = "";
		fixedWidth = 0;
		shadow = 0;
	class visorPowerHelmet {
		idd = -1;
		movingEnable = 0;
		duration = 10000;
		fadein = 0;
		fadeout = 0;	
		name = "visorPowerHelmet";
		controls[] = {"Picture"};

		class Picture: RscPicture
			x=safeZoneX; y=safeZoneY; w=safeZoneW; h=safeZoneH;
			idc = 1600;
			text = "textures\helm\dx_visor2.paa";


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Hello George, thanks for the quick reply. Will definitely check that!


edit: Yeah, you mod works exactly like the mine. I know how to draw graphics with cutRsc. But I need to know if it's even possible to draw UNDER game UI. Not over it.

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