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suppressFor command help

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Hi, has anyone here figured out how to use this command properly?


supressFor = Force suppressive fire from the unit, will force soldier1 to do suppressive fire to known enemies during 10 seconds.


So that means the unit must know about the enemy its suppose to suppress, how can we accomplish that?


I want something like this below since i have an Ai group patrolling the area and if knowsAbout _target it will start suppressing it. doSuppressiveFire command is not what i'm after here.

if (_group knowsAbout _target > 0) then {
_x suppressfor getposASL _target 10;
}count units _group;

Do we need to reveal target first?

_group reveal [_target,4] ?

{_x reveal [_target,4]} count units_group;


or do we need something else, like doTarget?

{_x doTarget getposASL _target} count units_group;

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