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Steam Workshop [Link]




V 0.1 - uploaded to Steam Workshop
V 0.1b - removed GC_FSNV dependency error



Cypher is a dynamic mission generator based on and inspired by Cipher , which was a custom user mission for Arma 2 created by Wiper. The original mission was based in Chernarus - you started with a 10-man Blufor task group that had to take on a small Opfor squadron randomly staked out in a random building on the map. Your goal was to obtain information from the enemy leader and then do a chopper extract. Although the goal of each mission was the same, each mission had a unique start and often played out epicly, win or lose. This was, in large part, due to Wiper's excellent scripting. Hopefully this version captures some of that feel.



  • Mission Modes: [Squad w/Recon, Squad (No Recon), Solo] - Squad size is 7 units, Recon adds 3 units, Solo is just you
  • Starting Vehicles: [None, Wheeled (Unarmed), Wheeled (Armed), Wheeled and Little Bird, Helicopter (Heavy), Armored, Random] - Choose what vehicles will spawn at your rendezvous point
  • Insertion Type: [Chopper, Airborne, FUBAR, Random] - Choose your insertion option, more details below
  • Recon Type: [Land Units, Diver Units, Random] - If you choose Squad w/Recon above, then you can choose what types of Recon units here
  • Time of Day: [Dawn, Early Morning, Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Dusk, Evening [Full Moon], Late Night [New Moon], Random] - Choose time of day
  • Starting Weather: [Clear, Cloudy, Foggy, Raining, Stormy, Random] - Choose weather
  • Enemy Force Size: [Low, Normal, High, Random] - Choose enemy force size
  • Reveal Suitcase: [Never, 15 Minutes in Red Zone, Within 75 Feet of Suitcase] - Choose end game reveal options
  • Civilian Presence: [Yes/No] - Turn civilian presence on or off
  • Blind Overwrite: [Yes/No] -Blindly overwrites all of the above options randomly, except for civs
  • Debug On/Off: [On/Off] - Turns debugging on or off




Increasing unrest in the region has given Syndikat an opportunity to strike on Tanoa!


A week ago, farm laborers protesting the curfew imposed by US forces, seized and blocked the main national highway on Tanoa in La Rochelle. The Gendarmerie were told to immediately restore order. They began firing at the unarmed demonstrators, who fled into the fields and took cover. For 25 minutes the police fired volley after volley of shots into the fields where unarmed families were hugging the earth. Two laborers were killed and others wounded. The State is sending a clear message. Now Syndikat will send our own.


Let this mark the beginning of effective cooperation between Syndikat and the other independent movements on the Islands. Armed revolution for the masses!



Chopper - Standard chopper insertion. If you chose the squad option then you will automatically be team-switched to the team leader to order the units to disembark once the chopper sets down - the chopper will fly off to wait for the extraction call. If the insertion chopper does not touch down (due to AI issues) then the mission scripting will be broken - restart. If you chose the squad option then ordering your units to disembark will sometimes get the AI to force land.


Airborne - Drop in with parachutes to the insertion point - chutes are scripted and will automatically deploy at around 200 meters. This option should be more covert than the others.


F.U.B.A.R. - This option finds your chopper shot down and your squad scattered around the crash site (if they survived at all). Equipment loadouts are random and minimal. A few items may be found near the crash site. Once you have a radio in your possession the other units in your task force that also have a radio will join your group. Units with no radio but that have a map or GPS will head towards the rendezvous point. Units with no radio or nav gear will set off any IR/Chemlight/Smoke Nades they have and hunker down. If you can locate these lost units (and you are the leader) then they will have an addAction that you can select to have them join the group.


The crash site is dangerous (watch out for explosions around the wreck itself) but it may be worth checking out to see if anything (or anyone) survived. Don't take too much time looking, any nearby enemy sentries will focus in on the site. Also, if the enemy helicopter spawned it will soon be on it's way.


The FUBAR option is a challenge and you'll probably spend a bit of time getting your group together before you can even go for the main objective.


Our contacts in Tanoa have sparked the uprising known as Black Saturday. The local government, bought and paid for by the US, have reacted harshly to a farmer's strike in La Rochelle, and have ensured that they have little to no allies left on the islands. In the wake of the unrest, the US battalion stationed on Tanoa has been ordered to evacuate and only a small remnant remains. Even more importantly, VIPER has revealed that a CIA task force is still within the area and that they are using a new piece of technology that can decrypt all known radio traffic. Your main objective is to obtain the code from this module, then extract from the island before the US can counter-attack.


We will have to maintain radio silence until you have the module in your hands. Turn on Comms once you've retrieved the data and we can coordinate your extraction.


Phase 1 - Approach. Enter the hostile area carefully. Watch for patrols. Search and destroy. There may be armed independent units in urban areas. They are allies and will attack US troops on sight.


Phase 2 - Locate. The CIA team are located in a building somewhere inside the Red Zone. Find them and the suitcase to retrieve the decryption module. Note that this task has priority over everything else, although you are free to use your discretion on how to achieve it.


Phase 3 - Extraction. Once the module is in our hands use Radio Channel Alpha on your radio to call the extraction chopper to your location. You will want to make sure you are far away from any enemy AA.


Again, we have total support from the civilian population.


Thanks to these coders for their scripts used:


  • Shuko (SHK_pos Positioning Scripts)
  • Kronzky (Urban Patrol Script)
  • Highhead, Wolffy, ARJay (ALiVE Functions)
  • Bangabob (Civilian Occupation System)
  • Beerkan (Simple Paradrop Script)
  • Tophe (Random House Patrol Script)


And, of course, Wiper, for the original Cipher mission and inspiration for this one.





"Approaching the Red Zone" The nearer you get to the Red Zone the more likely that you'll run into a patrol. Your LZ should be clear, but we can't guarantee that will last. Although you may not detect any enemies as you're closing in, it is most likely that THEY will. Approach with caution.


"Locating the Enemy Stronghold" We've identified heavy enemy activity in the Red Zone on your map. We anticipate that the CIA will take refuge in one of the buildings within the area.


"Finding the CIA Lead" The CIA lead is closely guarded by his task force. If you spot armed men in plain clothes wearing a lot of gear, then you are on the right track. The lead should be close by.


"Finding the Suitcase" The CIA lead has the decryption module - if you find him you'll also find the suitcase somewhere close by (and vice versa). Check other positions in the buildings nearby if it's not directly with him.



"Waking the Dragon" The enemy helicopter is not always guaranteed to spawn (the odds increase with the difficulty setting), when it does it will start grounded with a random liftoff time within the hour. If you alert enough enemy leader units (another random number based on the difficulty setting) you may cause it to scramble early. Using covert options like the HALO insertion and Diving Recon units (chosen from the Mission Parameters) will reduce the chance of raising the alarm.


"Finding South at Night" The stars of the constellation Crux (commonly known as the Southern Cross) form an asterism that really looks more like a kite than a cross.The longer bar of the cross points towards the South Pole in the sky. Aviators and sailors sometimes refer to this point as the “South Polar Pit” because there are no bright stars marking it.
Use the Pointers (Alpha Centauri and Beta Centauri) to verify the location of the Crux itself.






Details of hostile motorized and air forces according to our latest intel reports:

* Possibly 1 helicopter, providing CAS in 1/3 to 1 hour intervals of unknown length and cover.
* 2-4 armored vehicles of unconfirmed strength. These vehicles share the task for patrolling the primary objective plus it's surroundings in a 2-3 km perimeter.
* 1-2 motorized infantry squads patrols.
* 3-5 infantry squads patrolling the Red Zone.
* The CIA lead has a task force of 4-10 operatives working for him - expect them to be on the defense and in close proximity to him.
* Several small sentry squads patrolling within a 2-4 km perimeter.
* Possible static weapons in the perimeter around the enemy leader.

Be warned, enemy infantry have been spotted carrying AT and AA launchers!



COS ERRORS: I was able to make the Civilian Occupation System script more stable but not error-free when running on Tanoa. If you see an error during the game it is most likely tied to COS. Some of the errors will only cause the patrol script in COS to fail but continue to run while others will cause it to error out completely. Overall, this only means that civilian spawns will stop occuring and has no impact on the mission scripting as far as I've tested. There is a parameter option to turn COS on or off as you like.


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GC_FSNV was from a mod I was running. Didn't realize it saved it into the scenario. Anyways, it's fixed and the links are updated, thanks for the heads up 😄

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Malden/Livonia for sure, but it will probably be a month or two before I start on it. Coop, probably not, I did zero testing besides singleplayer and it's pretty much all I play nowadays.

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