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Request - More PIP Menus for Ordinance

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Hello all!


I've been spending the last few months working to go through data on ordinance and vehicles in Arma 3 to figure out how things work. My first project was to create a spreadsheet of detection ranges vs different vehicles in Arma 3 click here to see that . Now with this information, I want to do some further testing and to do that I need some cameras to watch how ordinance locks and tracks things. I need a script or mod that allows me to see through the eyes of the bomb with the Arma 3 sensors menus PIP. This is already possible with weapons like the Macer and Skalpels. 


The line of code that allow the pilot to see through these missile's perspective is: cameraViewAvailable = 1; 


For now, I just need this to work with the SDB and GBU however I hope to have this on all airborne ordnance along with the 82mm, 152, and 230mm weapons as well because it would be awesome to watch your rounds impact form their perspective. 


While I see this type of script as helpful for people doing testing I think it might also be great if this could be released as a mod on the workshop because I think we can all agree its super awesome to watch your missile hit an enemy tank from a first-person perspective.


Would anyone be able to provide assistance? I'd learn how to do all this scripting and modding myself but I am rather busy for the next two months..

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