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Initial Comments 1.2 Update

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Ok, I said I would wait until the update was live. So here goes.


Played a few encounters on Grontheim to test things out. 

First encounter lingered by the nearest exit to the incoming radiation. Cloud appeared after 12 minutes coming in from the north. 

Next encounter, decided to go for the crate. Spawned in mid map and lingered around the drop zone. Radiation was due from the south. Airdrop landed 200 metres north of the big Mill type building where the signal locator is quite often planted on the roof. Waited until 10 minutes 30 seconds, basing this on the data from encounter 1. Hit the signal locator, just one outlander near the church south of the road bridge. Dropped off the roof and picked up the crate, making for the off road exit at the north of the map. Hadn't looted to help with sprinting, so felt confident of getting there knowing there were no campers in the area. The radiation caught me at the stream that runs right across the west of the map from the camp at the top of the hill to the river. Made it off with just below half my health left. The other outlander had clearly given chase and let off a few rounds but was probably too far away. Not sure if he made it off safely.

Next 3 encounters. I wanted to see how other outlanders where adapting to the change in radiation so lingered (with no intention of intercepting them) at the opposite end to the radiation. In each encounter, the crate was picked up after the timer went off (at 12 minutes). Each crate was in the vicinity of the road bridge, so reaching safety at either end of the map should not have been a problem.

The crate carrier was killed by the radiation each time, as the map was fully engulfed less than 3 minutes after the timer went off.



I'm okay with the vast majority of the changes so far, even though I have only tested 2 maps.

I actually like the Battlepass although completing it requires a lot of game time. I like the change to the food donation system, although it still favours those with maxed out food providers. I wait with baited breath to see what improvements there are to the challenges.

I am however most disappointed with the unnecessary changes made to the radiation cloud. It's obvious to anyone who has played this game for any reasonable length of time that the writing is on the wall. This game is moving inexorably to becoming a clone of all the other PvP shooters already out there. It's individuality as a game which provided for tactical avoidance as well as PvP action has been almost terminally eroded. Half of my fun in this game happened after the drop, but I'll continue to play and see if I can adapt the the new dynamics of the game.

Could soon be back squading up with the grandkids.


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everything new is so good! i think ninja the point is to finish looting and getting out with the crate was originaly planed to be done before the cloud.. many friends who are new tips me about looting after crate is gone because no players left. wich is a game breaker.


like I said everything new is original and dam cool.. but the two things that made it possible to clear out opposition before the crate lands is removed totally. (strict movement restrictions and good sound)


so now crate fights are bit broken the most usual winner of it is the camper that sits on the longest (sniper adr..hbar..)  or cathes u from behind. so here comes the cloud.. sometimes its campy as f***... and people are even running around undetected


the world is more cool than ever... too bad gameplay is just a fortnite/Apex replica now.. (boring) this games gameplay used to be the better of the two.


Long live suprise closefights and emote celebrations!


I will try to finish gamepass.. but after that hmm.


good luck with Santa everyone. 🎅

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For some reason you guys always manage to keep your topics/comments within the range of me willing to read it.

I'll try try do the same.


10 runs then a verdict was what I was thinking.


My first run I had the honour of meeting one of our forum companions Kuljack on Brodalen bridges, both in our newly aquired hazmat suits. (I know Just a skin, but why not). 

We both used the same gun and appears we used the same tactic.

Boone entered the game with a ADR or HBAR. I shot out friendly forum-comrade and it appears he aquired the ADR and a HBAR somewhere. Cool, took it with me. Went for the crate and indeed.. No more crate camp, it was taken in the first second it dropped. Lacks a bit of the climactic Vigor end-game, but fair enough.

Next game... Not much special happens apart from my character not being able to let go of that damn map and I have to rediscover every location every time.. Not a huge problem but kind of annoying. Crate drops, another anti-climactic ending. This happens serveral times over until my new weapon arrived. Itisfuckinamazin. Here I noticed the increase of weapon cost.. Great! Less rare weapons... However, loot redistribution has every map filled with weopons and ammo in the safe, in the buried cache. It is rediculous I managed to get a ADR and a HBAR out of the safe in 7/10 games. Now I'm starting to notice a lot of things. 

The heartbeat sound starts to soon and is way louder then ever other sound any player makes.

Sounds for every point of interest being activated/used, well done. I was afraid this forum kinda got ignored.

Start of the match is choppy and laggy, almost tought it crashed a couple of times.

People are playing more carefully, exploiting serveral tactics, this gave me the Vigor feeling I started this game with. Downside is I had the feeling a bunch of players game back to check it out again.. Also the glitchers it seems.. Had people hiding inside rocks and crazy stuff..

Battlepass is a nice addition, however I'm not to fond of the "LVL or pay" COD bullshit, the game really didn't need some sort of level count.

The more agressive radiation is great, no more hiding till everyone is gone and loot stuff without consequences. However it does limit the options of strategies. I already miss the end-game crate standoff.

The bombs do the right amount of damage. No instant kills, but it does give a good scare.


That's it for now. I might add some after more games.


A lot of good changes, some stupidly redundant. Most additions are well balanced. 



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Edit: ok, now the price is right next. 


But not how much xp you get from it.



Now you can buy xp to boost your lv in the Battle pass.


but how much does it cost?


i cant find any informations about this

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