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Ai not able to capture sector warlords mode

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iam back after a longer time, and iam now playing around with the warlords mode.

It seems like the ai is unable to capture a zone after some time.


On my testmap they are able to capture 1~2 zones, but after that it stops.
The zone is full of my units.


Strange effect, as soon as i visit the location, the zone is instant captured.


Does capturing a zone requires a player in range?


I wanted to play a match vs the ai


thanks for help!

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Verify your scripts and the side of the units supposed to conquer the area.

AIs are becoming dumb on any heavy scenario (or bad scripted one), with plenty of sqfs staying active for whatever reason (generally loops).

In debug console watch for Count diag_activeSqfScripts  More than 300/500 (roughly), performance are so impacted that some AIs behaviors are "skipped" (unresponsive to order requiring path calculation, or even targeting on enemies). Some of the sqfs also don't have enough time to achieve their code (see scheduler).

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