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[23rd] - Semi-serious COOP Group

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  • Squad name:  [23rd] 
  • Timezone/location : Europe/UK
  • Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): COOP
  • Contact email: nick.david.gregory@gmail.com
  • Website address: none
  • Short description:
  • We're a small team of 5-6 who go way back to OFP days. We play casually at least once or twice a week, using practical tactics combined with a semi-serious approach. We're not interested in military formalities, just some maturity and willingness to go along with some tactical suggestions (in game) is all that's required. We play COOP, mostly spec-ops and patrol based missions, with maximum aggression and equipment to make up for our small team size. It's good fun, with games normally lasting 1-2 hours with plenty of firefights. We have a small mod list that captures both cold war, middle east and modern east v west theaters of war, along with a few immersion-based mods to help create a slightly more cinematic feel. 
  • Language: English.

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