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Attaching 2 vehicles together, thus fusing into 1 vehicle

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For the last couple of days, I've been working on something new and I was hoping to find some answers online (BIS forums, Armaholic, Reddit and such…), but so far I've only got bits and pieces.

I'm very new into coding, so my knowledge is very poor, for now.

Now, I've always wanted to make more vehicle variants in ArmA 3, to let's say, enrich the vanilla content. So far, I've got some great ideas that could give other factions (including CSAT) an advantage. Here's an example of such a vehicle. This is what I had in mind.


This is a mixture of the BTR-K Kamysh and S-750. It serves as a mobile SAM platform.

The question is, how would I be able to turn this into a fully functional vehicle?

Basically, I had in mind to create 2 vehicles (one is the BTR, the other one is S-750) with proper codes (in the mod config) to remove some texture parts of each vehicle and hide the shadows, it can be done. But I don't Know how to continue from that point on, how would I attach these two vehicles together and make it appear as one vehicle?

Is it possible? All answers and ideas are welcome. :)

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15 minutes ago, G.Drunken said:

Is it possible?

not really. Like.. The gunner seat in the bottom vehicle, cannot control the gun in the seperate top vehicle.

maybe a new vehicle model with using proxies, but I don't think your texture hiding method will work there.

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I am aware of it. The unarmed version of the BTR-K has both gunner and commander seats locked (only the driver seat and passenger seats are available) There's a repair version of such a vehicle in one of the mods I'm working on. Disabling the weapons and hiding the turret, including the shadows, on the BTR-K was easy to do. To edit the S-750 via the configs, is still something I'd have to do.

At first I thought I would be able to connect the gunner seat from BTR-K with the S-750, but I realized that is not possible so I've scratched that idea, so the 2 things I've had in mind would be:

1. Leave the S-750 open via terminal, so those who have the CSAT terminal can access it, but removing the "hack" option so it doesn't fall into the enemy hands. There would be certain issuses that would bother me, such as it remaining autonomus and being accessed via the terminal, while far far away ( I'd have to test that for a bit ). It wouldn't be a problem if the S-750 was accessed from inside the BTR-K via the terminal equiped on you, the player.

2. Make the S-750 gunner seat available via the scroll menu (when outside the vehicle on foot), but to remove the terminal options. I would have to disable the autonomus capabilities and it doesn't sound that bad, as it would be a player-only vehicle. ( I've noticed if I was to use "moveInGunner" on the S-750, I would end up in the gunner seat.)

So far, these are the only ideas I could find possible to do, but don't know where to start.

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