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Asset Naming Conventions

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What is the significance of the "_f" at the end of class names and models?  I know that "land_xxx" has to appear in the class name referencing a model called "xxx.p3d" for it to function properly when baked into a map.  Does the "_f" have a similar function?  Are there other naming conventions that we need to be aware of?  "i_", 'b_", and "c_" indicate factions.  Are these just to easily identify them, or are they script related?


I was fighting to get a custom model recognized in an Exile CfgInteractionModels class and tried (I thought) everything until I realized that any random model I used as a test would work as long as its name had the "_f" at the end.  I renamed my model and it now works. Now I need to go back and resurrect projects that I had given up on and see if that's all that's needed to make them work.





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On 11/24/2019 at 10:12 PM, TroyT said:

but does it have any actual function?

no. Just for organizational purpose.

Doesn't help that some modders think they should too make _f content...

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