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Scope is not aligned with floating area

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Hey folks,


I have a rather weird question. So I'm playing with TrackIR and floating area set up to like 50% of the slider. I have a problem when aiming down sight, lets say with a scope that is an overlay scope, so not 3D. For sniper rifles for example.


Now when I move my rifle to one side of the screen (thanks to floating area) and then want to use the scope, my character moves the weapon to a different location more towards his theoretical body front, not where I was pointing my rifle at before using the scope.


So lets say I standing in front of a building and aiming to my right towards a windows or something:



So when I aim through my scope, I want it to stay at that window position! But this happens:




Instead he aims in front towards the shed, that is in the front direction of my body. So now I have to relocate the target, costing me time and I have this huge disadvantage. This really really sucks ass and makes Floating Area less fun. Which is a shame. When I click the right mouse button, my dude should move his scope center directly to where I pointed my rifle! Not the other way around...


So maybe some of you folks have an idea, know something I don't like a button I could  align to an action I didn't know about, or maybe we can sort this differently... but I really hate this problem 😄


Thanks for any sort of input 🙂



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