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I don't have any flashy screenshots or trailers. I'm just a new mission maker who worked really hard on this mission and it's the first one that I finally finished. The link to it is here, it'd mean a lot to me if you guys gave it a spin and left some feedback.


The mission follows Private Ewan Nichols in a story that runs parallel to the events of the Survive campaign, as he fights for his life on the AAF-controlled island of Stratis. I hopefully want to continue this story so let me know what you think.

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Hi SaltyNewt.  Congrats on publishing your first 2 missions. 

Mission 1 feedback.

  • All tasks worked.
  • Briefing diary was good as it built some interest in the character.
  • Long run to first objective was uninteresting.  I used 4X speed.  This could be made more interesting by having something going on during the journey (could be anything: civs running/hiding, chatter with your buddy, helis or jets flying over, animals, enemy armored vehicle to hide from for a minute, etc.).
  • Mission was a bit short, but that is fine since its a series of missions (a campaign perhaps?)
  • Good job on your first mission!
  • Steam screenshots not that interesting.  Interest in Arma is waning these days, so if you want your mission to stand out and get attention, it helps to market it better.  I don't have any  good suggestions for that though...sry.

Mission 2 feedback:

  • This was more interesting than first mission.  Nice encounter on way to guys in minefield.
  • Mine detector noise beeper worked well.
  • When I got close to first guy in minefield, he didn't greet me.  Seems like he should be happy to see me, rather than wait until I get to actual objective pos, when other guy's dialogue is activated.
  • These 2 guys use their flashlights while its still light out.  Bad for immersion as it would attract unwanted attention.
  • The run to next meetup objective was long.  I 4Xed it again.  As mentioned for Mission 1, I would add something to spice that up somehow.  A friendly heli gets shot out of sky, or something else cool to see.
  • As with mission 1, briefing diary great, all tasks worked, no bugs, so good job!


Stick with it man!  These missions are pretty good, but just need something to punch them up a little IMO.  Voice acting really helps, and I know you're requesting that.  You can make a post on the help wanted thread and see if you can get voice actors their (I forget the name of that thread).  Good luck.

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