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TheFerretMaster Missions presents ArmA 3: TFM: Terrorist Hunt, a simple dynamic CQB game mode with a highly original name.

This scenario simply lets you select a building, fill it full of enemies, then go kill them. No modifications are required and, due to the customisation and simplicity, this game mode is compatible with all/almost all modifications.

The mission is fully customisable, easy to port to new islands, change enemy AI or limit player equipment.


  • Simple scenario, pick a building, pick the number of enemies, start location and time of day - then go clear the building.
  • Mission automatically resets, allowing you to pick a new building and start again.
  • After each building is clear, mission gives you performance data such as mission time and number of shots.
  • Easily customisable, allowing you to use any mod with TFM: Terrorist Hunt
  • Can be ported to new islands in less than a minute


If you want to port TFM: Terrorist Hunt to new islands, change the enemy AI or limit the arsenal selections, watch this video to learn how:




  • Improved location placement to make each come from a different direction
  • Stopped box/satellite dish mating rituals
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