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So, to describe my issue i would like to show you guys some things i've discovered:


I've created a tunnel with paths in it with all recommendations from devs, and it's worked perfectly 



BUT! it works well only if my object is landed on a terrain. If it's not the AI behavior starts being unstable. 




he starts walking forward-backward near the paths' Pos position, unable to stand on the position

And as heigher i lift my tunnel as widely and unstable the AI's "walking" becomes. And, finally, ai leaves the given paths and just falls onto the ground...


The second thing is about using DoMove instead of.  I've find out an interesting thing:

With DoMove command AI could easily walk from point A to point B (on my pic i've used two arrows as a positions). But it will work with static objects.

For example, i've added two NPCs. One has been given DOmove command at the arrow point, and after that (a bit later) i've given DoMove to other NPC to "follow the first one". The second one has been following the first for sometime and suddenly has stopped and remained staying on its position. 


So, my question is simple: is it somehow real to make an AI using paths in objects that are "floating" above the terrain. Thank you!

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If theres no connection to the ground in the path lod, AI will bug on it. So floating things like that wont work.

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