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Dustin Paul

Here’s a suggestion or two!!

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How about making the crates contain level appropriate rewards? Like a Common crate with maybe common rewards and a Yellow/Legendary crate with legendary rewards? Seems like a logical idea... Currently I have a common rain jacket as a reward in my Legendary crate, just doesn’t make sense.


Also, some of the challenges and rewards are just puzzling... For instance getting 10 pistol kills and getting rewarded with crappy mats, while doing a shelter upgrade and being rewarded with a Legendary crate?! It seems that the system of generating the rewards is operating backwards, or whoever is coming up with these challenges/rewards should be reassigned! This is a great game concept and it is really fun but it’s little things like these that really take away from the enjoyment of the game. Yes I know it’s a free game, I have like others actually invested cash in this game in the form of the starter pack and will continue to do so as long as certain issues/bugs get fixed. The emptying of magazines on automatics almost had me deleting this game, thankfully that has been fixed!!! Looking forward to an Admins response on this.

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